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Colorado band Paper Bird to bring ‘Joymaking’ to Columbus stage

Courtesy of paperbirdband.com

In hopes of spreading its wings beyond the Rockies, one Colorado band is set to land in Columbus.

Indie folk band Paper Bird is scheduled to perform at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Rumba Cafe.

The seven-member band formed in 2007 in hopes of connecting with and inspiring audiences, said guitarist Paul DeHaven.

“We try to make music that moves people, music that comes from our hearts and opens our hearts to the audience,” DeHaven said.

Paper Bird has become a household name throughout Colorado and is looking to receive more recognition from other states across the country.

On this tour, the band has so far performed in Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina and New York, among others, and has upcoming shows planned in Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota.

Caleb Summeril, banjo player and guitarist, said the band’s music tends to be upbeat and happy, but the inspiration for its songs varies.

“I think a lot of it is just traveling around and making new music about people and experiences,” Summeril said. “It’s about hitting the road and following our dreams to play music.”

DeHaven said he also thinks living in Colorado has been a big factor in the meaning behind many of Paper Bird’s songs.

“(The) landscape is big. We’ve all lived in Colorado a long time,” DeHaven said. “Most of us grew up there so big, open skies and mountains have a lot to do with where we’re coming from.”

DeHaven also said the band’s sound has changed since its formation, when it just relied on a guitar and a banjo. The addition of drums and a trombone added a jazzy, ragtime element to the music, he said.

“The one thing that makes us unique is that we are constantly evolving, therefore the types of songs we are writing are constantly changing,” said Esme Collins, one of the band’s vocalists. “We’re not married to any type of style.”

Every member contributes equally to the music and lyrics, DeHaven said, adding that this sets Paper Bird apart from others bands.

“We’re pretty democratic in all (of) our decision making,” DeHaven said. “Typically, bands have one person who writes the songs, but we’re all one unit. All seven of us.”

Collins said joy and openness are common themes in the band’s live performances. She also said the best shows are the ones where the audience feels connected to the performers, whether there are five people in the audience or 2,000 people.

“In the past, people have said we just play really happy music, like it’s an empty thing, but I think there’s a lot there because we’re hoping to create a joyful expression,” Collins said. “It feels like it’s a connection and everybody kind of opens up their heart a little bit.”

The band, which also includes Mark Anderson (drums), Sarah Anderson (vocals, trumpet), Genevieve Patterson (vocals) and Macon Terry (bass), has released three albums – “Anything Nameless and Joymaking,” “When the River Took Flight” and “Carry On” – since its formation. It has a fourth in the works, which is slated for a February release.

Tickets for the show are $10 for ages 21 and up and $12 for ages 18 and up, and can be purchased on the Rumba Cafe’s website or at the door. The Rumba Cafe is located at 2507 Summit St.

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