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Columbus alternative rock band Highwire Kicks hanging on a memory, prepping for stage

Courtesy of Nick Vokhgelt

One local band drew inspiration for its name from an old habit, attempting to capture the feeling of a memory with two simple words: Highwire Kicks.

“When our shoes are old, we (don’t) throw them away, but we hang them on the high wire, as a kind of symbol of moving forward,” said Nick Vokhgelt, vocalist and bassist for the band. “Highwire Kicks is more of a symbol of letting (the shoes) go, like a good memory. You can walk by and be reminded of the old shoes but you’ll never have them back.”

The alternative rock band is scheduled to perform 7 p.m. Wednesday at Kobo.

Composed of Ohioans Vokhgelt, Nate Ward on guitar and Josh Jackson on drums, Highwire Kicks was born early this year. The trio met in high school.

Vokhgelt is a second-year at Ohio State in civil engineering. Ward is in his second-year at Columbus State Community College and Jackson formerly went to Columbus State.  

Although Vokhgelt identified the band as alternative rock, he said it tries to intermix music genres.

“Our sound is really raw because we only use distortion, fade and clean settings on the guitar,” Vokhgelt said. “We enjoy adding different genres of music together to see how it sounds and try to cover a wide sound of music with our songs.”

Despite it being a newer band, Highwire Kicks has already developed a following from some OSU students, such as Yong Liang, a third-year in logistics management.

“I (listened to) their music online and really enjoy that,” Liang said. “I feel a real punch and thrust in it.”

Wednesday’s show is organized by Collateral Live, a Columbus-based independent entertainment company. Chase Clymer, owner of Collateral Live, said the company books local, regional and national acts, because all are important.

“Every national act was a local band at some point,” Clymer said.

Highwire Kicks is slated to perform with bands Undesirable People, Late in the Playoffs, Pal-Treaux, Always Ten Feet Tall and Later Dudes on Wednesday.

For Highwire Kicks, it is the first time playing with any of those bands.

“Although we do not really know them yet, we hope we will put on an awesome show,” Vokhgelt said.

In addition to its songs “Lonely Road” and “Codename Dreamgirl,”  which were released online, Highwire Kicks has an EP in the works that is slated for release toward the new year and Vokhgelt said it will perform songs from that at its show.

Kobo is located on 2590 N. High St. Tickets to the show are $5 at the door.

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