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Men’s fashion: Shave minutes off your morning routine by layering on the basics

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Between work, classes and attempting to find a chance for any kind of a social life, it can be hard to imagine also finding time to put on anything except the sweatpants and Ohio State T-shirt lying at the foot of your bed from the day before. Heck, even the president of the United States has been criticized for donning a pair of loose, but laughable, “dad jeans” on the occasion when he’s not required to button up in a stiff and stark power suit.

The thing is, taking the fashion forward step doesn’t always have to mean waking up a half-hour earlier, and looking sharp and put together doesn’t even have to mean being uncomfortable. The key to getting dressed quick and easy is finding the clothes that make you feel good, while still giving off the impression that you spent more than five minutes before class putting them on (even though five minutes could be all you really need).

After waking up, a guy should really only need a half-hour at most to prepare himself for the day. A short shower, a quick shave, some deodorant and a teeth brushing shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, tops, and putting on a few layers shouldn’t take much longer.

Shaving could even be cut out most days, unless you’re going for a completely clean-cut look, as full beards and other forms of facial hair have been back on many men’s faces for the last year. As long as you’re staying trimmed and a scratchy neck beard is nowhere in sight, a beard doesn’t have to look any less presentable than a clean-shaven face.

As for some comfortable clothes, get a nice pair of dark-washed jeans and sleep in them. You read correctly, sleep in them. It’ll help the fabric shape to your body, which will make them feel a lot better while moving around during the day, and give them an All-American, worn-in look that’s been popular since Levi Strauss & Co. made it big back when the hippies picked them up in the ’60s. Just make sure to go for a fit that’s slim and straight-legged, but not skinny. A guy’s jeans should never be so tight that he has to actually make an effort to squeeze into them.

For up top, flannels are great alternatives to the hooded sweatshirts the majority of us have worn every day since sixth grade. I’m not saying hoodies are a bad thing, but it’s always great to liven up your look with a little variety when the weather cools off. Wear your flannels untucked and buttoned over a plain T-shirt and pair them with a canvas or denim jacket when it really starts to cool off. Denim on denim doesn’t have to be a bad thing and can leave you looking James Dean if you do it right.

All you need to finish up your outfit is a pair of leather shoes and sunglasses, for there’s rarely ever need for a man to weigh himself down with accessories. Keep your shoes simple and don’t be afraid to let the leather take a little beating when walking around campus. A few scuffs aren’t going to leave you looking disheveled.

Sunglasses are great because they’re not only practical for shielding your eyes, but the right pair can bring your outfit together and really leave you looking cool. While brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley might seem a little pricey, quality always beats out quantity when it comes to shades, as you really only need one great pair that you can wear every day.

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