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Chiodos’ Craig Owens to carry on solo tour in Columbus

Courtesy of Douglas Sonders

Singer-songwriter Craig Owens might be coming to Columbus, but he’s not forgetting his roots.

“I’m a Michigan Wolverine,” Owens said.

However, Owens said Columbus tops Michigan in terms of the shows he’s played.

“I’m definitely a Michigan fan, (but) the shows in Columbus are definitely better than any shows I’ve had in Ann Arbor,” Owens said. “(They) are absolutely amazing, I can say that. But that’s as much as I’m gonna sell out.”

Owens, best known for being the frontman of rock band Chiodos, is scheduled to perform 6 p.m. Saturday at The Basement.

The event is part of Owens’ “An Evening With Craig Owens And Friends” solo tour, which was originally scheduled for May 28 but was postponed, along with the rest of the tour dates.

“I just had to go away and work on myself basically,” Owens said about postponing the tour. “I wasn’t in the right state of mind to go out and do it.”

Owens said this was the first time he has ever withdrawn from a tour but that doing so was necessary.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 15 and I wanna say that’s the first time I’ve ever canceled a tour,” Owens said. “But it was really necessary and I’m in a much better place for it. Just wanted to make sure that I didn’t just cancel it, so we rescheduled it.”

Marissa Luther, marketing manager for PromoWest Productions, said she is pleased with the decision to reschedule the date rather than cancel it.

“We always like to have rescheduled performances as opposed to canceled altogether,” Luther said. “So we’re glad that he could finally make it over to Columbus, and we can’t wait for the show.”

The idea of playing solo tours came from performing in larger venues that made Owens feel less connected with the audience.

“Chiodos was on tour with Linkin Park and playing big arenas, and intimacy was kind of gone. I think I really just missed it,” Owens said. “So I decided to start playing around (with) acoustics and bringing friends with me and just making music intimate and fun again.”

Owens added that his aim with the tour was to create a more personal environment.

“I really wanted to re-create the feeling I got when I played on my couch,” Owens said. “So it’s a bit more calm and relaxed and a lot of participation. That’s one of my favorite parts, communicating with the crowd.”

To bring back this intimate feeling, Owens is playing in smaller venues, such as Columbus’ The Basement.

“One thing I do on these shows is try to make it as intimate as possible. If it were up to me, I would play to 100 people a night, but there’s not a lot of venues that offer that,” Owens said. “So we try to do it in the smallest venues we can find in the city, and I’m liking The Basement. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Fans can expect a little bit of everything from Owens’ musical career in his solo performances, he said.

“You’ll hear Chiodos and Cinematic Sunrise, my solo stuff, just kind of a collective mix of everything I’ve ever done,” Owens said. “I (also) do a lot of covers, like a Frank Ocean cover, Link 80 cover, Kanye West cover, just to be funny, and I might learn some Waka Flocka. We’ll see.”

Aside from his solo tour, Owens is also playing shows with Chiodos after recently reuniting with it, and he said the band is stronger than ever.

“We’re all working on our relationships again and moving forward,” Owens said. “Chiodos is probably in the best state it’s been in as far as the relationships between the members.”

Chiodos formed in 2001 in Davison, Mich. Owens left the band in September 2009. During his time with Chiodos and after, Owens has also played with bands such as Cinematic Sunrise, Isles & Glaciers and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, better known as D.R.U.G.S.

Owens said playing with Chiodos again gives him a nostalgic feeling.

“I really missed it, a lot. I missed the music and I missed my friends. It feels really good (to reunite),” Owens said. “You know, whenever you go through and you play songs, it’s kind of the same nostalgia that comes when you listened to them, the memories attached to the songs. It’s kind of awesome to feel those memories and also know that you’re creating new ones.”

As far as the future of Chiodos goes, Owens said the band is working on figuring it out but hopes to record a new album and continue touring.

“We definitely want to do a record. We’ve been writing for it,” Owens said. “And we are going to be in the UK in February and then we’re hoping to get a record done and continue to tour throughout next year.”

While Owens said he’s having fun playing with Chiodos again, he also said his solo shows are a way to thank his fans from all aspects of his career.

“The main thing I wanna do is make people feel something and also to get a connection, have a conversation,” Owens said. “And to thank the people that have been supporting what I love and do and my passion for so long, so it’s kind of a thank you in a way.”

Tickets for Saturday’s show at The Basement, located at 391 Neil Ave., are available in advance through Ticketmaster for $12 or for $14 at the door the day of the show.

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