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Letter to the editor: Judicial race free from party lines

Letter to the editor

This sure is some political inundation, huh? Just imagine if there was a race where the candidates’ names appeared on the ballot without a political party. Would you believe me if I said that this already exists?
Robert R. Cupp is a Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. And yet, in the lower right-hand corner of your ballot, you will see only his name. Free from the political angst of both party and incumbency, the Supreme Court races boil down to knowing a person.
In support of Cupp’s candidacy, I could rattle off qualifications or shout some hubbub about his opponent. Instead, having met Cupp, I want to share what compelled a 25-year-old student to write.
Cupp has an inviting demeanor. I listened to fluent conversation ranging from public health to farm policy to the plight of the Cincinnati Reds. I asked Cupp about his motivation in seeking another term. He shared a strong conviction to espouse neutrality in the interpretation of Ohio’s laws. The only time I didn’t see Cupp’s mood light and bright was when a brief frown spread on his face while lamenting the personal and political pollution that threatens the judiciary. All in all, Cupp comes off as an even-keeled, yet motivated, man of balance.
Judges interpret the laws of the land and are not to inject their individual beliefs into the public discourse. Cupp is doing precisely this. Please consider joining me in voting for Cupp.

Zach Rossfeld
Fourth-year medical student
Serves on State Medical Association’s PAC

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