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Two Door Cinema Club looking to inspire young fans with Friends in Columbus concert

Courtesy of Alexandra Dunne

Some artists might consider loneliness the best musical companion. But Two Door Cinema Club and Friends consider otherwise. For these Northern Irish and Brooklyn bands, respectively, friends push them to be better artists.

Indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club and Friends are scheduled to perform at 6 p.m. Monday at Newport Music Hall.

Formed in 2007, the three members of Two Door Cinema Club met in high school. Since then it has toured worldwide from the U.K. to Ireland, Canada, Australia, Chile, Portugal and the U.S., to name a few stops. It has also appeared in BBC’s Sound of 2010 poll, which is an annual poll by BBC tastemakers who list promising new talent.

Kevin Baird, bassist and back up vocalist, said the close relationship among band members is an advantage.

“There is much more honesty,” Baird said. “We have known each other since we were like 14 years old, so we can easily express our thoughts and not worry (who’s) gonna be laughing at you. We can be creative together.”

While most rock bands have a drummer, Two Door Cinema Club goes without. Baird said the band has no plans to add another member to the band either, which is comprised of Baird, Alex Trimble on lead vocals and guitar and Sam Halliday on guitar and vocals.

“We, just three of us, have worked well,” Baird said. “We are super comfortable with writing together and I want to write music with someone who I grew up with and had the same history (as).”

Baird also said the experiences the bandmates have shared influence their music.

Unlike the band’s first album “Tourist History,” which centered on self-motivating music, Baird said the band’s second album, “Beacon,” released in the U.S. Sept. 4, features a lot of love songs.

Despite the change of mood in its music, Baird said Two Door Cinema Club’s passion remains.

“When we were 15 years old – unlike other kids, we didn’t want to go to college – we wanted to (form) an energetic live band,” Baird said. “Those thoughts and feelings have never changed.”

Samantha Urbani, vocalist for Friends, said her band, slated to open for Two Door Cinema Club, is also full of energy.

“We play crazy and experimental pop,” Urbani said. “We are very excitable.”

Like its name suggests, the band consists of friends, but it also has a second meaning.

“The word ‘friends’ signifies the live show,” Urbani said. “During the live show, there should be no hierarchy between the band and the audience, and everybody should engage with each other. It doesn’t matter who’s on stage, who’s on the floor. Everybody is on the same level and then we can have fun.”

Urbani also said Friends is looking to provide more than fun to its fans.

“We are a revolutionary pop band,” Urbani said. “We are talking about some serious issues and inspirational things, we want to touch people while we play.”

She said the band most specifically wants to inspire a younger crowd, which Two Door Cinema Club regularly attracts.

“So many young crowds come to Two Door’s concerts,” Urbani said. “I love to have a chance to teach and inspire a young audience.”

Brianne Pliske, a first-year in fashion and dance, said she listens to Two Door Cinema Club’s music often. Pliske said she likes the band’s music because its songs have morals and stories.

“I think maybe they are able to make good music because of their relationships,” Pliske said of the band members. “I think if you are close with your friends, you can put together ideas better and you can kind of branch off each others’ ideas better than just having random people.”

Tickets for the show are $25 for general admission or $23 for advance purchase through Ticketmaster.

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