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Adding features to Twitter could make it fly

Twitter has certainly come a long way.
The social media site was launched in 2006 as Twttr.com, according to businessinsider.com, and in a July interview with “TechCrunch,” Paul Guyot, founder of the social media monitoring company, Semiocast, reported that Twitter now has more than 170 million active users. Recent statistics from TheSocialSkinny.com report that the average person has 126 followers and almost anyone can see that it’s rare to find an individual following less than 100 users in return.
If you happen to get curious about who exactly a friend is following on Twitter, all you have to do is browse through an enormous list to find out.
That’s perfectly fine if you have the patience to scroll, scroll and scroll some more until your eyeballs feel like they are going to fall out of your head.
Not exactly appealing, is it?
A person who wants to find a particular user on that “following” list might not be interested in making the extra effort and will likely forgo the tedious search altogether.
The process of narrowing down a user’s followers can certainly be just as annoying, and trying to navigate through tweets is next to impossible.
The Associated Press has reported that studies have shown people only have an attention span of about eight seconds when surfing the Internet, so the last thing they are going to do is waste their time perusing areas of a site that require any more effort than that.
A possible solution to these irritating problems is for Twitter to implement more search options.
While the ability to search through trending tweets around the world already exists, it isn’t enough, in my opinion , especially if one has a particular user’s tweets they are interested in reading.
Other sites allow this feature, so it only makes sense for Twitter to include it, along with search bars for the “followers” and “following” lists.
People certainly aren’t going to leave the social media site just because it lacks certain search features, but adding them would only improve Twitter and help it to grow.

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