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Swift’s ‘Love Story’ with fans more than just a ‘Fairytale’

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Over the past six years, Taylor Swift has blossomed from America’s sweetheart to global superstar, selling out arenas and sweeping award shows around the world.
Since her debut album in 2006, Swift has taken America by storm with her relatable lyrics and seemingly countless tales of woe. For many, Swift serves as the muse of teenage heartbreak, soothing the broken hearts of the distraught from coast to coast.
Her career then blossomed into follow up albums “Fearless,” “Speak Now” and her most recent multi-platinum album “Red”, released less than a month ago. Her overall success in the 21st century music scene has been both unprecedented and has managed to transcend into the hearts of rap and rock lovers alike.
With six Grammy Awards and 11 American Music Awards under her belt, Swift has not only managed to weasel into the hearts of millions of angst ridden, love-starved tweens and teens, but she has managed to become a powerhouse of success for both herself and her label.
Her most recent chapter, “Red” sold 1.2 million copies in its first week alone, becoming the fastest selling album in more than a decade, and triumphed to be Swift’s third No. 1 album on Billboard’s charts.
In addition to the success of the physical album, her upcoming tour is also enjoying landmark success. The “Red Tour” is selling out arenas across the country in merely minutes. Swift is also managing to sell out stadiums such as Ford Field in Detroit, which is almost unheard of for a solo 21st century artist (Lady Gaga has also been able to do so recently in foreign countries).
Swift’s wild ride of success is simple: her music speaks to people. Swift has managed to find her niche in the music industry, and that niche happens to speak to an expansive and staggering amount of people. Her songs speak to the 13-year-old with her first crush, the 20-year-old with his first heartbreak, and the 28-year-old who has finally managed to find “the one.”
Whether people want to admit it or not, we’re perpetually reveling with some level of romance. Whether it’s the girl that catches your eye on the Oval or your four-year anniversary with your significant other, romance has a way of seeping into our lives whether we want it to or not.
And that’s where Swift comes in. Through her relatable lyrics and endless knowledge of both successful and failed relationships, Swift has a way of creating songs that are able to embody any romantic relationship, whether that relationship be positive or negative.
Recently, Swift has come under some scrutiny for her perpetual relationship woes, begging the question as to when will she finally get it right? From her fling with Conor Kennedy to her most recently rumored beau Harry Styles of British boy band One Direction, America is constantly following the tales of Swift’s love stories.
But let’s be honest, we love our Swift that won’t settle for anything less than her own personal prince charming. She’s trying to get it right just as much as we are, and we’re enjoying every musical step along the way.
We’re growing up alongside Swift, and many teens feel as though her songs speak to their individual trials and tribulations. People look to Swift for both understanding and comfort during their saddest and happiest hours, which has made her the musical powerhouse that she is today. Because at the end of the day, if you’ve recently been through a breakup or any sort of hardship in the romance department, there’s a Taylor Swift song for that.
Swift will be stopping in Columbus at Nationwide Arena on May 8 on her sold-out tour, and her most recent blockbuster album “Red” is available nationwide.

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