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Women’s fashion: Covering up in winter months can still be flattering with smart clothing choices

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In the dead of winter we sometimes find that we’re not as happy with our bodies as we’d like to be. Getting ready for bikini season is stressful, and sometimes we’re just not in the mood to haul ourselves to the gym for a workout we’re really not in the mood to do in the first place. Lucky for us, clothing designers have accounted for that and created silhouettes to conceal or show off our best assets even during the gloomiest time of the year.
Chunky knit sweaters: Oversized knit sweaters might be the greatest things to grace the clothing racks this season. Being able to wear something that’s comfy and cozy while still looking chic and put together is the work of geniuses. This garment will conceal any pesky belly bulge you might have acquired during hibernation and give you some volume if there’s not much working for you in the way of curves. Paired with some jeggings and boots, this look is Starbucks date-approved.
High-waisted jeans: These pants aren’t just for your mom anymore. Jeans with a higher waistline are making a comeback in a big way. I’m not suggesting going for the 1980s look that hit above the belly button, but look for a pair that hits you at the natural waist. It’s a good way to keep an hourglass figure and maintain a sense of modesty that’s so important during the colder months. Nothing is more unflattering or uncomfortable than seeing a bare lower back because of jeans that are too low-rise to be worn with a short puffer jacket.
Jeggings: During the winter, these pants will be your best alternative to leggings. They provide more shaping than a basic pair of leggings and will keep everything in line where it should be. Many times, leggings are designed with too much spandex so the material is stretched too thin and becomes more like tights than a pair of pants. Tights generally don’t hold much support in keeping everything sucked in, but jeggings are made of much sturdier material and will help you keep a flattering figure.
Peplum tops: While it might seem counterintuitive, the peplum style gives the illusion of an hourglass figure even on girls who don’t have much in the way of curves. Finding a natural waistline is crucial for concealing any flaws in the middle region of the body because most people will be looking at the whole body and not simply one area. Paired with a pencil skirt, this top will give you the womanly figure everyone wants without breaking a sweat.
Although the winter is a time of gloom and too many missed days at the gym, sometimes a good outfit is all you need to lift your spirits. Pick bright colors that make you feel happy and amp up looks with accessories to bring some sparkle to a cloudy day. And most of the time the parts of your body that you feel you want to cover up are the most flattering. Being confident in what you look like and what you wear will make others see you the same way.

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