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Commentary: Timberlake announces additional album, Hollywood relationships, ‘The Office’ end

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This is part of a weekly series called “Pop Opinions” where The Lantern offers its take on the week’s pop culture news.

Justin Timberlake confirms rumors of second volume of “The 20/20 Experience”
Timberlake is taking the world by storm, and I for one am not complaining. After releasing his new album “The 20/20 Experience” Tuesday, it quickly rose to the top of the charts and is currently the No. 1 selling album on iTunes. J.T. joined the Five-Timer club after hosting “Saturday Night Live” for his fifth time on March 9, and brought back the famous “Dick in a Box” duo with the help of Andy Samberg. Timberlake continued to take over late night when he appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” every day last week as a part of “Timberweek,” where he performed songs from his new album and appeared in various sketches with Fallon all week.
But just when we thought Timberlake was done blowing our minds, he announced on Monday that a second volume of “The 20/20 Experience” will be released – he just didn’t say when. “I’ve got to clear up the rumors. This whole thing about this only being the first part … is true. There is another half. I’m not giving you a release date,” the singer said at his album release party.

“The Office” finishes filming its ninth and final season
After nine seasons of practical jokes and office hilarity, the lights were turned off in Dunder Mifflin for the last time. On Saturday the final scene of “The Office” was filmed. As a fan of the show, I found myself getting sentimental as stars of “The Office” tweeted their closing remarks about the depressing day.
Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute, tweeted “Getting ready to go to work at Dunder Mifflin for the very last time. It’s a sad day for comedy. And paper.”
The world’s best boss even tweeted out some love to his former cast. “Thinking of the cast, crew, writers, et al of ‘The Office’ on your final day of filming. Love you,” tweeted Steve Carell, who played Michael Scott before leaving the show in its seventh season.
My favorite tweet came from John Krasinski, Jim Halpert on the show, who tweeted this the day after the filming was completed: “It was the greatest honor to be a part of this show! Thanks for getting behind it. Yup… That’s what she said.”
The hour-long series finale will air on May 16 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Hollywood couples struggle to stay together
Is there something in the air that is causing all of these Hollywood breakups? A slew of breakup news hit entertainment news sites this week. On Tuesday, “Us Weekly” reported that Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up for the second time. I was shocked and slightly let down when Perry and Russell Brand broke up in 2011, as they seemed like a perfect match for each other. Now, singing-duo Perry and Mayer are calling it quits after casually dating since last summer.
After dating for more than two years, “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest and “Safe Haven” actress Julianne Hough called it quits, according to “E! News.” The couple’s busy work lives and hectic schedules was too much to handle, so they decided to take a break and just be friends.
Funny guy Seth MacFarlane and “Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke also recently broke up, according to “E! News.” The couple was first spotted together as an item last September but have recently called it quits due to a long-distance relationship caused from them working in different parts of the world.
Oh, and other bad news in the celebrity world of dating. Bradley Cooper is reportedly dating 20-year-old British model Suki Waterhouse, according to “E! News.” The 38-year-old gorgeous actor is dating someone my age. Sorry ladies, but I’m just as upset as you are.

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