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Crime Brief: Ohio State student sends threatening text after sex toy dangled in face

A male staff member reported menacing at Park-Stradley Hall early Tuesday morning.
A Park-Stradley staff member notified police after becoming aware of a situation where one resident sent a second resident a text message “stating he felt like he could stab a fellow student (a third Park-Stradley resident) … with his exacto knife,” according to an Ohio State Police report.
Resident 1, the student who sent the message, harbors an ongoing dislike for Resident 3, stemming from an incident where Resident 3 “dangled a sex toy (dildo) in front of his face when they first met,” according to the report.
Resident 2, the student who received the text message, said he also received several other messages from Resident 1 containing threats directed toward Resident 3 that made him fear for the safety of himself and Resident 3.
A Park-Stradley staff member met with Resident 1 in the presence of a police officer. The student appeared nervous and emotional, according to the report.
The incident was referred to Student Conduct, and Resident 1 was advised to not make further contact with the other two students and was told that his actions could be considered criminal, according to the report.
An attempted theft of an auto and a theft from an auto occurred at the Sisson Hall parking lot, located near 1900 Coffey Road this week.
A male staff member reported the attempted theft of auto on Tuesday at about 3:20 p.m. The rear window of his truck was broken out and the steering column peeled, a total of $3,000 in damages. A yellow-handled flat-head screwdriver was found on the scene and processed for fingerprints, but none were found, according to a University Police report.
A female student reported the theft of her catalytic converter, valued at $2,500, from her 2002 Toyota 4-Runner parked in the Sisson Hall lot on Tuesday at about 8:30 a.m.
A male student reported assault at the RPAC on Monday at about 5 p.m. The motivation of the perpetrator was unknown, according to a University Police report.
Twenty-two total thefts were reported on OSU’s campus from March 21 to Thursday. In addition, there were five incidents of disorderly conduct and two occurrences of criminal damaging.

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