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Jewish Ohio State students have options for Passover Seder meals

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For some Jewish students at Ohio State, being away from family during Passover can be a challenge.
Ryan Tucker, a first-year in business, is from New York and has spent Passover every year with family and friends at his grandparent’s house in Florida.
“I’ve always been in Florida with my family for Passover too, so it’s definitely going to be strange this year,” Tucker said. “I’m going to find somewhere to go but I haven’t figured it out yet.”
Passover is the time when Jewish people celebrate their ancestors’ liberation from Egypt where they were slaves. At Seder dinners, they celebrate the freedom and read the story of Passover together. The holiday lasts eight days and Jewish people eat unleavened bread, or matzo, to symbolize what the Israelites ate when Moses led them out of Egypt.
Many Jewish students who don’t have family in the area are trying to figure out where to go for Passover Seders and meals. However, there are some options for students.
Hillel at the Ohio State Univeristy and Wexner Jewish Student Center and Schottenstein Chabad House offer first and second Seder dinners, as well as kosher meals for Passover foods each day.
“Passover is the holiday that is most celebrated and it is very important to OSU Hillel and we make sure we provide Passover options from food to Seders and community throughout the entire holiday,” said Rabbi Ben Berger of OSU Hillel. “We have six different Seders to choose from and we also support students who are hosting their own Seders in their apartments or houses. We will supply the food and everything so they can just come by and pick up whatever they need.”
The student cost is $20 per Seder, kosher for Passover lunch is $7 and $10 for kosher for Passover dinner. Hillel will be hosting Seders Monday and Tuesday beginning at 7 p.m.
At OSU Chabad, Rabbi Zalman Deitsch and his wife, Sarah Deitsch, have many options for students as well.
“We are your home away from home for students who don’t have a place to go,” Zalman Deitsch said. “Our Seders are going to be traditional with a modern feel. We are going to have explanations and really make students feel as comfortable as can be while still referring to tradition.”
For Chabad, the first Seder is Monday at 9 p.m., the second Seder is Tuesday at 9:30 p.m., and each Seder costs $30., All kosher for Passover lunches and dinners are available with reservations and cost $15 for each meal.
“No RSVP, no problem,” Zalman Deitsch said. “It just simply makes it a little easier on our end.”
The first night of Passover begins Monday at sundown and lasts until April 2.

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