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Women’s fashion: Spring past winter temperatures with color, blazers

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Clearly, Mother Nature missed the “first day of spring” memo. But just because you can’t break out your totally tan legs yet doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to bare arms – pun intended. Here are a few ways to strut your spring wardrobe even in the snowy weather.

Bring out the blazers: Colored blazers are a staple spring piece that can keep you warm and looking seasonal. Opt for pastels or neons in pink, yellow or blue. Pair the blazer with a neutral sweater for added warmth and a cozy touch. Choosing solid colors will allow you to make this look extremely versatile to be worn with jeans, pencil skirts or dress pants.

Peek out of a peacoat: If you need to dress up or just feel like looking extra pretty, opt for a flouncy floral sundress under a peacoat. Choose a dress that’s just a few inches longer than the hem of the coat for a touch of spring to add to the coat. To keep even warmer, pick out a pair of brightly colored leather gloves to finish off the look.

Spruce it up with scarves: Keep your neck warm with springy cotton scarves. It adds an element of coverage to more revealing outfits and brings some color to the otherwise bland color palettes of the winter season. These pair perfectly with military-style coats or leather jackets. You can even pair the scarf with a chunky sweater and jeans for a great weekend look.

Master your manicure: Even though it’s snowing outside, you can still celebrate spring with a perfectly pastel manicure complete with colorful sparkle. Opt for lovely lilacs, sunshiny yellows and rich blue for nails that will bring a smile to your face every time you look down. Think of floral colors if you’re not sure which shades to choose. Your nails will make up for the lack of color that exists outside.

Color your denim: Break out your colored denim to wear with riding boots and your warmest sweaters. Salmon, yellow and green are super wearable colors that pair with almost any color of top. They also look great against brown leather boots. Avoid looking too overdone by opting for tops that are more neutral in color or that have a print to bring the gaze up toward your face.

The key to making spring pieces work in the freezing weather is wearing the right materials in the right colors and prints. Wear your favorite winter wools and pair them with denim or thick cotton to keep you warm all season. Avoid light materials like silk and jersey as they are prone to get cold quickly. Hopefully spring is just around the corner and you can properly wear your favorite spring garments as soon as possible.

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