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2-hour drive to deter some from Ohio State’s Spring Game

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The Spring Game offers football fans another day to spend in Ohio Stadium, but students aren’t getting the chance this year as the Buckeyes plan to travel to Cincinnati for the game.
Ohio State is set to play in Paul Brown Stadium this Saturday, home to the Cincinnati Bengals. The stadium fits about 65,535 attendees; however, Spring Game attendance in 2012 was about 81,100. While traditionally a large number of fans come to watch the team scrimmage, Paul Brown Stadium might not be filled if some students are unwilling to make the approximately two-hour drive from Columbus.
Alex Highley, a fifth-year in political science, said he hasn’t even thought about making the trip to what he called a “glorified practice” in Cincinnati and is disappointed he can’t head to the Horseshoe one last time before graduating.
“I went the last two years. I’m pretty disappointed; I was never planning on going to Cincinnati just for the Spring Game,” Highley said.
Highley said many fans go to the game because it’s merely something different to do in the spring.
“The best part about the Spring Game is it’s in Columbus. It’s more like a social event than anything else where you’re just like, ‘Hey, let’s go to the Spring Game and have a good time.’ But this year, I haven’t heard of anyone going to the game,” he said.
Stephanie Poeppelman, a second-year in accounting and Block “O” president, will be traveling to Cincinnati for the game, but not with Block “O” members.
“Transportation costs a lot of money, so we couldn’t afford to put together a Block ‘O’ road trip,” Poeppelman said. “I think that’s what is deterring a lot of students from going is because of the fact it’s in Cincinnati. That’s two hours away.”
Poeppelman will be getting to the game via bus with a limited number of students through the Office of Student Life. She said some of her friends in Block “O” will be going through other means of transportation.
Tyler Price, a third-year in human nutrition, is a member of Block “O” but will not be making the 100-mile plus trip to watch the game.
“I’ve asked a lot of friends and hardly anyone is going unless they have family or friends down there,” Price said.
Poeppelman said it’s disappointing the Spring Game won’t be the same this year, but is trying to stay positive.
“I’m glad the ‘Shoe is getting renovated, but I can understand students are disappointed with not being able to go,” she said. “It will be a cool change of scenery for the team and fans that will be going.”
Highley agreed it would be interesting for the fans attending the game in an NFL stadium but wished he could go to a game at Ohio Stadium one more time.
“There are only a limited number of times you get to experience a game in the ‘Shoe and the Spring Game gives you one more chance to do so. But you don’t get that this year,” he said.
The Spring Game is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.

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