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Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences hosting barbecue for graduates

Spring brings tassels, gowns and a goodbye barbecue picnic for graduates in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State.

A Senior Send-Off event is planned for CFAES students on Friday at 11:30 a.m. at the Bob Evans Memorial Auditorium in the 4-H Center.

The Towers Agricultural Honorary, the CFAES Alumni Society and CFAES are co-sponsoring the event.

Deanna Fredriks, event coordinator, said since graduation day is typically reserved for family, the purpose of this event is to give the seniors the opportunity to hang out with their peers one more time before they walk at graduation.

Towers Agricultural Honorary President Amy Jo Frost said the event is going to be similar to a barbecue cookout.

“Food items like hot dogs and hamburgers are going to be served and lawn games are going to be played,” Frost said.

CFAES assistant dean Pat Whittington said the event is replacing what used to be known as Senior Toast, where the college previously handed out honors chords to students.

The college, though, wanted to get away from the name “toast” because it misrepresented what the event was about. Whittington said the closest beverage to alcohol that is served is sparkling apple cider.

Whittington said that the event has been split into two events, and the Senior Send-Off will be the luncheon portion for graduates, faculty and certain alumni society members only.

“The Senior Send-Off is for seniors to get instructions for commencement, the alumni to welcome the new members, which consist of the seniors who get a free one-year membership, and for the students to enjoy themselves and say goodbye,” Whittington said.

The Senior Send Off is going to be annual event for CFAES graduates.

Dean Stacy, a fourth-year in agribusiness and applied economics, said the CFAES is like a family and being in such a small college on OSU’s large campus allowed him to develop lifelong relationships.

“’I’m glad I’ll have the opportunity to say goodbye to all my fellow classmates that I may never see again at the picnic,” said Stacy. “I’ve spent the past four years of my life here at OSU, and I want to celebrate this accomplishment with the other students who have succeeded with me.”

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