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Columbus to play host to world travelers Brett Newski and the Corruption

Columbus is set to see the flavors of different parts of the world when citizens of three different countries perform onstage together as Brett Newski and the Corruption.

Courtesy of Brett Newski

Courtesy of Brett Newski

“Our bass player is Canadian, our drummer is British, and I’m from Milwaukee, so we all grew up listening to different music in different areas,” said Brett Newski, lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. “I would say we’re a bit like the (1974) Boston Celtics—individually we’re not like the flashiest players… but when we come together, we can outdo other entities.”

Brett Newski and the Corruption is slated to appear 9 p.m. Wednesday at The Summit.

The band’s underdog inspirations are something that help to set them apart from others and keep them going, Newski said.

“Just being in a band… the odds are stacked against you, so you just cut your teeth and you hope for the best,” Newski said. “When I run into people on the road that have been at it for like, 20 or 30 years, and have been all over the country… that kind of stuff really gets me pumped up to keep it trucking.”

While Newski is American, British percussionist Matt Green always looks forward to coming to the United States to show off his European ties.

“Matt loves coming here because he’s got that British accent and there’s always girls hitting on him because he has this awesome accent,” Newski said. “He comes here and he gets worshipped.”

Nikita Arora, a second-year in biological sciences, said these international ties would draw her to the band’s show.

“I think it would be interesting to go and watch the show, just because I’m always interested in learning about new cultures,” Arora said. “It would be cool to see what they could bring and integrate.”

Though Brett Newski and the Corruption doesn’t yet have a massive following, the band is still gaining momentum in the music world, Newski said.

“I would say we’re still in our infancy, but we’re hitting a lot of new, uncharted territory on this tour,” Newski said. “A lot of times you don’t know what you’re going to get… but I feel like people generally have a pretty good time.”

Because the band is still new, Newski said it has been going to various venues and publications to attempt to get the word out. David Fricke, owner of The Summit, said that was the case with this scheduled performance.

“They came to us and asked for the show,” Fricke said. “We get a fair amount of touring acts, both nationally and internationally, and it seemed like a good idea.”

Brett Newski and the Corruption plans to keep using its international experiences for creative fuel in the future, Newski said.

“I think being in new, novel environments is very exciting, it forces you to take new angles and explore new corners,” Newski said. “Music can take you to some strange corners of the globe… there’s no two things that go together better than traveling and music.”

The Summit is located at 2210 Summit St.

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