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Review: One Direction performs charming, cozy show to sold-out Columbus audience

Kayla Byler / Managing editor for design

Kayla Byler / Managing editor for design

One Direction has being a boy band down to a science.

Screams erupted out of Nationwide Arena Tuesday night as One Direction performed in all their boyish charm to a sold-out audience.

It was clear that Directioners, fans of One Direction (mostly young preteen to teenaged girls), were just as, if not more, into the personalities of the five band members than their actual music.

The band definitely used this to their advantage during the show.

The concert began with a video montage. A title screen told the audience: “You’re invited to the party of the year.” Keeping with this theme, the opening song was “Up All Night.”

The boys looked like casual British rock stars in dark, tight jeans and loose shirts. Their wardrobe was just one part of the laid back, intimate demeanor they fronted.

Each song was peppered with perfectly rehearsed goofiness. Harry  Styles mock-kicked Louis Tomlinson in time with the beat of the drum and Zayn Malik slid between Liam Payne’s legs, both adorable moves that would send any preteen heart fluttering.

They kept the energy up and pounded through their hits, playing “I Would” and “Heart Attack.” However, the audience shrieked and sang along just as loudly with One Direction’s slower ballads, like “More Than This” and “Change My Mind.”

The band members exchanged some kind of banter between almost every song, making a sold-out arena show feel strangely cozy.

This sentiment was amplified near the middle of the 20-song set, when the band members stood on a suspended platform that moved out across the audience to a smaller stage in the middle of the floor. Fans waved excitedly, raised their hands in the shape of a heart and took pictures with their iPhones as the boys smiled and pointed down at individual audience members.

From this smaller stage, they played a cover of Blondie’s “One Way or Another,” before taking a break from singing to answer questions Tweeted at the band from audience members.

The band transitioned back to the main stage just before another video montage. This segment got more personal, showing the boys’ personalities, vying for the audience’s emotions. Using this, One Direction played “Summer Love,” “Over Again” and a definite crowd favorite, “Little Things.”

Finally, kicking the energy back up for a last surge, the band played more upbeat favorites like “Rock Me” and “Kiss You,” while jets of smoke and fire balls shot off on stage.

Even after the band finished the show, the screaming didn’t die down. Audience members giggled and shrieked while pouring out of the arena, excitedly recounting the show to one another.

The band’s musical ability is barely even a factor in the night’s success. No matter what One Direction’s five members sing, say or do, their ability to put on a show that their fans absolutely adore is without question. Many Directioners will claim this night as one of the best of their young lives.

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