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Commentary: Color Run offers chance to try something new

The Color Run will be held in Columbus July 19. Credit: Lantern file photo

The Color Run will be held in Columbus July 19. Credit: Lantern file photo

I will be participating in “the happiest 5k on the planet” Saturday at McPherson Commons. The Color Run has only two rules: begin the race wearing all white and finish colorful. Who wouldn’t want to be coated in colorful paint from head to toe at about each kilometer during an untimed 5k?

The closest I’ve come before to participating in a 5k was watching my friends run one, but when I found out how fun and laid back this race is supposed to be, I registered and paid. I also wanted to try something new before I turn 20 on Sunday.

I will be running with my roommate, Danielle DiRosa, and her mom. They are coming all the way from Michigan Friday night just for the Color Run.

Ever since Danielle and I signed up for the race in April, she said she’s been running more during the week in order to prepare for it.

“I’ve heard a lot about the Color Run and how fun it is to participate in, and I’ve been getting more into fitness recently so I thought it would be a fun thing to do,” she said.

Danielle always jokes about herself being a fish out of water while running since she has been a synchronized swimmer for most of her life. As a non-competitive race, the Color Run is the perfect fit for both of us.

This race is not only for people who want to try something different, but also for competitive runners to enjoy running alongside their loved ones.

Kelsey Zimmerman is a fourth-year in dietetics at Ohio State and is also participating in the run this Saturday as a last-minute decision. She planned on skipping this year’s Color Run since she ran it last year, but changed her mind when her mom and family friends signed up for it.

“Last year’s Color Run was really fun. My friends and I dressed up in different colored tutus for it, so that was funny and different,” she said. “It is definitely not a get-your-best-time type of thing.”

Kelsey said she ran it last year five days after getting her gallbladder taken out. She is normally a competitive runner and is training for the Columbus Marathon in October.

This Saturday, I will be decked out in all white with a nervous look on my face being a first timer. But if Danielle is excited for it and Kelsey was able to run it shortly after having surgery, then I should be just fine. Saturday at 9 a.m., I will be getting sweaty to bring in my 20s.

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