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Letter to the editor: LeaderShape provides discussion, experience for ambitious students

Letter to the editor:

Students were eager with anticipation of transforming the world through leadership after their departure for Camp Joy Outdoor Education Center this summer.

The LeaderShape Institute welcomed sixty, hand-selected Ohio State students to participate in a six-day experience, facilitated by faculty members. The event was completely funded by Coca-Cola and the Ohio Union, allowing every student to participate for free.

As the week started out, the question seemed to be what kind of leader every individual wanted to become and how he or she was going to achieve that goal.

“I want to be the kind of person who believes in the possibility of myself and others the most when times seem the hardest,” said Brian Jaros, a second-year OSU student.

Each day, students were placed in highly-interactive groups to learn about prevailing topics, including creation of community, implementing of action plans, evaluation of personal strengths and challenges, group problem solving and ethics. Discussion of these themes allowed the students and facilitators to fulfill LeaderShape’s vision of “A just, caring and thriving world where all lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.”

It is possible to make a difference in today’s world when the norm is challenged and the future of society is envisioned. A dream can come to life with resilient community and one valued individual embracing the power of all people. When a leader can live and lead with integrity, he or she will rise to the top with courage.

“LeaderShape inspired me to sit in the front row of my life, and empowered me to truly believe I can make a change in this world,” said Sudzy Steyn a third-year OSU student.

Every student made the commitment to step up to their goals as leaders and to promote their own vision of what the world could become by staying in action when returning to Columbus.

“I developed a vision of what I want the world to look like in my future. While at times I was unsure and doubted my ability, my passion for my vision allowed me to create manageable goals that I can immediately work towards accomplishing upon returning to campus,” said Jesse Lilly, a third-year OSU student.

Applications for LeaderShape 2014 will be available early spring.

Jenny Querry
Second-year in English
LeaderShape participant

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