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Restaurant review: Currito’s burritos full of flavor, yet somewhat expensive for size

When I told my friend I was going to the restaurant Currito, his first response was, “Oh let me tell you what to get.” He suggested the Bangkok burrito and assured me that I would love it.

When I walked in to the restaurant, it was kind of dark, and the dining area has large wooden seats attached to the tables. I stepped up to the register and ordered one of their signature burritos, the Bangkok, which includes cilantro lime rice, Asian slaw, cucumber, Thai-style peanut sauce and your choice of meat on a flour tortilla, and sat at a large table in the main dining area.

The restaurant offers seven signature burritos and a “build-your-own” option for those who know exactly what they want. The burritos all come in small ($5.79) and regular ($6.79), and there is also a burrito bowl option ($6.99).

The restaurant also offers salads, smoothies, sides and sweets in addition to burritos.

I tried the Bangkok on my first visit and the Buffalo, which includes white rice, romaine lettuce, celery, buffalo sauce, your choice of meat and your choice of bleu cheese or ranch dressing on a flour tortilla, on my return trip. On both occasions, I chose the bowl option. I enjoyed the diversity of menu and the twist on the classic burrito.

The flavors of each burrito I tried were bold and a nice change to the classic burrito.

I enjoyed the Thai flavors in the Bangkok, and the peanut sauce was the star of the burrito, adding a salty bite to it. The rice was cooked perfectly, and the flavors were constant throughout the bowl. I sat and ate the bowl alone, enjoying the peace and quiet of the restaurant.

I split the Buffalo with my father, who ended up eating most of the burrito. I enjoyed the blue cheese sauce paired with the shredded beef. My father said his favorite part was the tanginess of the beef.

Although they offer a change to the classics, Currito basics still stand out.

For example, when I ordered chips and guacamole, the guacamole was creamy and delicious while the chips were served warm and perfectly seasoned. I felt that my burrito bowl was a bit expensive for the size of the meal. Though the bowl wasn’t as big as other burrito places, it was in the same price range as other similar restaurants.

The atmosphere of Currito is very modern and laid back. The first sign to catch my eye upon arriving at the restaurant was a sign offering delivery. The sign said the restaurant would deliver even if the order was only for one burrito.

Currito is located at 1778 N. High Street between College Town bookstore and Urban Outfitters.

Grade: A

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