Walk the Moon performs at Buck-i-Frenzy Aug. 20. The band is slated to play Aug. 30 at the LC Pavilion. Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Walk the Moon performs at Buck-i-Frenzy Aug. 20. The band is slated to play Aug. 30 at the LC Pavilion. Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editor

Walk the Moon has been no stranger to Ohio State this fall, and that’s the way the band wants it.

“When you’re selling tickets for shows and school is in session, the word gets around faster,” Kevin Ray, bassist of Walk the Moon, said. “(Buck-i-Frenzy) was just a great way to get out there and be like, ‘Hey everybody, don’t forget we’ve got a show coming up.’”

Though Walk the Moon recently performed an acoustic set at Buck-i-Frenzy on Aug. 20, the band isn’t leaving the Columbus area any time soon. That “show coming up” is set for Friday evening at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, and Ray said the audience will definitely have some new things to look forward to with this performance.

“This time, we’re upping the ante,” Ray said. “We have a big light show we’re excited about, we’ve never really had that before. We’ll probably slip in a couple new songs too, just to try them out.”

Jessica Dakin, a fourth-year in social work, said the idea of a different kind of performance by the band would bring her to the show.

“I think doing something different would draw me in,” Dakin said. “Knowing that there’s going to be new songs and something to look forward to would be great.”

Even though this is the first time the band will be using these new theatrics, Ray said Walk the Moon will still perform with its signature high-energy vibe.

“I think the live experience comes first in our minds, it’s the most organic, it’s the most real experience,” Ray said. “Even if the songs suck, at least people are going to dance. So we feed off of that. Energy is everything in our music.”

Walk the Moon adopted this attitude after noticing that all of its musical inspirations have one thing in common: They are known for their live shows, Ray said.

“We have our big standards like Talking Heads, that’s probably the number one influence,” Ray said. “And artists like Prince, David Bowie… and newer bands, like Vampire Weekend and Local Natives that make a name for themselves off of their performances.”

Marissa Luther, marketing director for PromoWest Productions, said Walk the Moon was a natural choice to perform at the LC Pavilion.

“It’s a thing where they choose us and we choose them at the same time,” Luther said. “They’re good guys and good performers, and it’s sure to be a great show.”

Walk the Moon is preparing to break a personal record with the Friday show, so Columbus will always have a place in the band’s history, Ray said.

“We’re really looking forward to this Columbus show because it’s the biggest venue that we’ve ever headlined for on our own,” Ray said. “We’ve got lights and great sound and hopefully we will realize the full potential of the live show in a setting like this. We’re excited to see what people’s reactions are.”

Gates for Friday’s show open at 7 p.m., and tickets are on sale for $20 in advance or $22 the day of the show.