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Commentary: Aaron Craft’s engagement not a surprise

Then-sophomore point guard Aaron Craft (4) tries to score during a game against Wisconsin Feb. 26, 2012, at Value City Arena. OSU lost, 63-60. Credit: For The Lantern

Then-sophomore point guard Aaron Craft (4) tries to score during a game against Wisconsin Feb. 26, 2012, at Value City Arena. OSU lost, 63-60.
Credit: Cody Cousino / For The Lantern

When news hit that Ohio State senior point guard Aaron Craft popped the question to longtime girlfriend Amber Petersen, social media exploded.

The initial tweet, sent from @CRAFTroomies, a Twitter account run by Craft’s roommates that documents the point guard’s day-to-day life, was of a photo of the couple smiling happily after the proposal.

Angry responses from females from not only OSU but around the state regarding the engagement caused multiple major news outlets like CBS and ESPN to pick up on it.

I understand the love for the “rosy-cheeked” point guard. After all, he’s cute and he is a talented player. I do not know him personally, but he seems like a nice person, is outgoing, religious and a good sport. Seems like the type of guy a girl would be lucky to settle down with and own a lovely house to raise some kids.

But there is not much difference from having a crush on Craft and having one on Robert Downey Jr. ­— both are pretty much entirely unattainable. Yes, Craft is pretty hot, and yes, he goes to our school. But the woman who came to OSU just to hook up with him is quickly going to be pretty disappointed.

Not only has Craft been with Petersen since eighth grade, he’s clearly been serious about her for a while. To that point, it seems a little presumptuous to think it’s easy to tear anyone away from their significant other.

Ryan Cypret, a roommate of Craft and one of the people behind @CRAFTrommies, said he was not surprised by the backlash against Craft.

“A lot of guys are like, ‘Why would he have a girlfriend?’” Cypret said. “Aaron is a little different from a lot of guys — he’s a good dude. Him and Amber are great together.”

Craft and Petersen are both religious, according to Cypret, which he said also helps their relationship.

In a Feb. 12, 2012, interview with The Lantern, Petersen discussed the nature of her relationship with Craft. Petersen said she and Craft were high school sweethearts who began dating in the eighth grade.

Think about that relationship for a while. What kind of couple is going to break up after that?

It is perfectly fine to think Craft is attractive, and to dream about meeting him. But to expect that he is going to drop his current girlfriend after so many years is crazy.


  1. Aaron Craft is my cousin & all I have to say is he is a wonderful guy who take’s everything he does very seriously. When he devotes himself to something you can believe he will give 100%. He is very devoted to his family & faith, his Ohio State basketball team, & to the love of his life. He would also be a great friend who would give u his last dollar if he thought that would help you. Please allow him & Amber to be happy & enjoy there engagement they have waited a long time for this & deserve all the happiness in the world. I personally want to congratulate the happy couple & send them both love from Fort Myers, Florida Aaron all your family here is so excited for you both & wish you both all the happiness in the world. God bless you both.
    From your extended family in florida we send you love & can’t wait to see you play ball to us you are & alway’s will be #1.

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