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Commentary: Batman vs Superman rumors still soaring

The Caped Crusader’s gadgets versus the Man of Steel’s superpowers, an age-old debate that has steamed up comic nerds’ glasses for decades. Throw an evil bald guy named Lex Luthor into the picture, and we may just have a comic book film utopia on the horizon.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. are lining up stars for not only the “Man of Steel” sequel, Batman versus Superman (title pending), but the many movies to be coming out of the DC universe in the future. Internet rumors are buzzing around the topic, claiming stars such as Bryan Cranston and Matt Damon are in discussion for certain roles, but alas, they are just rumors.

Cranston, the star of the AMC show “Breaking Bad,” is no stranger to being the bad guy. For fans of the television series, Cranston seems like a near perfect choice for Superman archenemy Lex Luthor, and not just because his lack of hair. Portraying a fictional character as he descends into madness can be tricky, but luckily, Cranston has more than enough awards and nominations to back up his acting bravado.

Casting speculation had Cranston pinned as the famous superhero villain, but sadly, it fell short as just a rumor. Fans will have to bite their nails in anticipation to see if the meth-cooking king picks up the role, but as of yet Cranston has denied the rumor. I would be ecstatic to see the cackling maniac giving his notorious grimace opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman. The green glare of Kryptonite would fit gloriously onto his gleaming shaved head.

To no surprise, Ben Affleck has been at the tip of many people’s tongues as well since he was announced as Batman on Aug. 22 for the “Man of Steel” sequel, and for good reason. I would like to plainly state that “Daredevil” (2003), in which Ben Affleck starred as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, with “Hulk” (2003) at a close second, was probably the worst superhero movie to spawn out of recent years.

We have seen celebrities struggle to fill the Dark Knight’s cowl in the past (read: George Clooney’s ridiculous batsuitnipples in “Batman & Robin”), so it is no surprise the population would be hesitant to leave the familiar growling Christian Bale behind. I will admit at first the Affleck choice made me fear for Batman, but having some time to reflect, I can only place my confidence in Warner Bros. to see what they have in their utility belts.

Affleck has made great strides in his acting career since playing Daredevil, leaving me to think DC can’t possibly let him get lost in the dark.

More than anything else, I am excited to see all of the hype surrounding the comic book universe. A couple decades ago, superhero movies were nothing but corny, low-budget films, but with Marvel’s “The Avengers” (2012) at the helm of today’s entertainment, it is clear popular culture made a shift. Comics are no longer gathering dust in an attic, they are toppling records on the big screen.

DC is looking to follow in Marvel’s footsteps by slowly building up to a Justice League movie, but audiences can look forward to seeing the Batman versus Superman flick in summer 2015.

I will be waiting anxiously in line when it hits the box office, or maybe not… depending if Damon is cast as Robin.

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