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Commentary: Sony, Microsoft continue to battle for best console title, Playstation 4 winning the war

War is coming, but not just any type of war.

In this war, sleep is diminished, grades take a steady decline and countless Doritos are lost to hungry soldiers. Red-eyed and shaggy-bearded, these soldiers are fueled purely by Mountain Dew and the strive escape to a virtual paradise.

It is not a familiar type of war fought on a battlefield, it is a virtual race through camaraderie and entertainment.

It is a console war.

In what seems like a long, overdue wait, the next generation of video game consoles is on the horizon. Sony’s Playstation 4 is set to launch Nov. 15, with Microsoft’s Xbox One lined up a week later on Nov. 22.

News has been bouncing around the two consoles all summer in what resembles a type of presidential race, with each company trying to sell its product in the public eye and bash its opponent in the process. Microsoft has even redone its entire console policy based on negative publicity and outcry.

Each is making strides in the entertainment field, pushing further and further to synthesize video games as a cultural norm in all living rooms. No longer are teenage males the core audience, as each company is aiming its sights at all ages, genders and races. Advertisement has taken a broader scope, showing how anyone can have fun with a controller in hand.

Technical specifications are painting each console as more than just a gaming device.

Kinect, love it or hate it, has done a great job at getting the whole family involved with the Xbox 360, and Microsoft plans to take this even further with establishing Kinect 2 as a requirement for all Xbox One consoles. Xbox One stands for “All in one. Input one,” because Microsoft plans to utilize the Xbox One as living room hub of entertainment. Users can attach cable boxes to the device to use it as a sort of DVR, it also plays Blu-ray DVDs and has the capability to browse the Internet all from one device, even with voice and motion control via Kinect 2.

Sony has done a good job of keeping it simple for the consumer and sticking to what it knows best: games. While Microsoft fumbles around with extra devices, online restrictions and subscriptions, Sony has kept its core audience at heart in producing a next generation device that is simple, yet more adapt to today’s online infrastructure.

Crunching the numbers, PS4 is stronger in both RAM memory and both its central processing and graphics processing units, with both systems packing a 500GB hard drive. Digital games will be a big part of this next generation, with physical discs slowly dissolving. The systems can download entire games, so driving to the rental store may be a thing of the past.

Price point is one of the most important concerns for consumers, and Sony has an edge over Microsoft with the PS4 launching at $399 while the Xbox One launches at $499. It seems Sony has the advantage in launch date, price and policy, but time will tell which company emerges victorious. Pre-orders for both consoles are at an all-time high, with many retailers already sold out of both devices.


  1. The PS4 is winning to fail. FIXED 🙂

  2. didsonywritethisarticle

    You forgot to mention that the edge the ps4 has in hardware is super slight. Made it sound like it was 10x stronger lol. Also you old policies shouldn’t evwn be brought up anymore they are gone lol. If you are going to write a comparison you habe to do it from an unbiased standpoint.

  3. your informations are wrong

    the central processing (cpu) is the same but xb1 is more powerful coz is helped by move engine, shape (audio block) .offloading the work the cpu need to do …and is also clocked higher (1.75ghz xb1 vs 1.6ghz ps4)….

    you should fix this

  4. ps4
    – better gpu
    – better bandwith

    – better cpu
    – better audio
    – better motion controls (specs talking)

  5. Not many people here (including the author) have a firm understanding of why these consoles are different.

    First, price point: PS4 does not come with a camera, and Xbox One does. That plays a role. Microsoft is also aiming to make a profit from console sales to pay off the R&D. Sony isn’t doing that, hoping they can undercut Microsoft and win based on price alone, otherwise they’ll be looking sour.

    Second, RAM: Xbone has a different architecture which includes a fast buffer which causes RAM usage on the average to be the same speed. This is tough to explain, but check it out. Either way, here’s crucial info: Xbone only has 5 gigs for games. 3 gigs are reserved for multitasking. PS4’s memory is more dynamic, period.

    Third, CPU: PS4’s clock speed for the cpu isn’t even known yet. Can’t make any assumptions. All we know is that both are eight cores and will probably reserve a core or two for multitasking.

    Fourth, GPU. This is complex. Xbone has better graphical software, a custom version of DirectX tuned for Xbox One. PS4 obviously has more raw power, but the PS3 showed that complexity could ruin it. Microsoft might put out better looking games sooner, perhaps forever. So, it isn’t fair to say one or the other is better.

    Finally, the games. Have you seen impressions of any of the exclusive games? Neither Sony or Microsoft has an edge here. Don’t buy into hype.

    I could go on for a while, but you get the idea. This conversation is much more complex than you are painting it to be. Don’t tell me you were aiming for simplicity; it’s clear from your language that you are rattling off PR as-regurgitated by popular media sites.

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