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Editor’s note: The Lantern launches new website

Editor’s note: The Lantern launched a new website Sept. 6 to offer readers more accessible content and to improve the online experience at thelantern.com. You’ll find all the same great content you’ve come to expect, but with an upgraded look. We hope you like the changes and value your feedback in this transition. To provide comments or input feel free to email Editor-in-chief Kristen Mitchell at mitchell.935@osu.edu.


  1. Far too much whitespace. There is no obvious branding which associates The Lantern with The Ohio State University – no scarlet or photos of campus to be found. Also the tooltip for the Pinterest button is in German (lol).

  2. It reminds me of a generic WordPress blog. If you want to remodel, I’d suggest the Michigan Daily’s website. It’s not particularly boundary-pushing but it’s got a classy, timeless look perfect for a newspaper.

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