As the breezes get cooler and the leaves change colors, it can be easy to get stuck in a yoga pants and hoodie rut for the rest of the season. Have no fear if you’ve already fallen prey to the lure of these comfy clothes — all you have to do to break free is find some fashion inspiration in nature. Read on to get some pointers to begin your venture into a wardrobe that practically screams “autumn weather is here.”


One of the most beautiful things about this season is the way the changing colors seem to be magnified — the golden rays of the sun and the fiery reds and oranges starting to appear on the trees all seem extra colorful and can provide the perfect inspiration for an outfit. Fall is no longer a time for those neon and crazy bright prints we’re all so fond of in the summer; rather, warm up your wardrobe with the deep, rich colors seen all around us this season. Mahogany, chestnut, burgundy and wine are just some of the colors I always find myself wearing as the temperatures fall. You’ll look just as cozy as if you were still wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, but a lot more fashionable.

Texturize yourself

Colors aren’t the only things changing in the fall — a whole host of new textures appear in nature as well. The leaves become rougher, the grass becomes drier and even the air has a brand new feel. Take hold of this inspiration by including different textures in your wardrobe when getting dressed for the day. Garments that have more of a natural feel are perfect for this — think thick knits and anything with a bit more texture to it. Not only are these often made for cooler weather, but they add an element of interest to your outfit that wasn’t present before.

Dress for the mood

If I had to pin an expressive quality to autumn, the first word to come to mind would be romantic. I love the idea of dressing for this feeling: soft and flowing garments, cozy layers and pillow-like knits always help inspire me when I’m at a loss for what to wear in this season. This isn’t the only mood or feeling that fall invokes, though, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different inspirations until you find a word that describes fall perfectly for you.