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Album review: Justin Timberlake’s part two of ‘The 20/20 Experience’ makes for pointless ending

justin_timberlake_20_20_experience_part_2-500x500Being an avid fan of any and all of Justin Timberlake’s work, I could not wait to let the notes and rhythms of part two of “The 20/20 Experience” move smoothly through my ears.

After completing my first listen of the album part, though, a touch of disappointment came over me.

My hopes were high for the last 11 songs of the album thanks to the enjoyable first 10 that came out in March. But as I moved through songs like “Cabaret” and “You Got It On,” my interest in what Timberlake had to tell me fell.

Radio hit “Take Back the Night” cements itself in the middle of the album, and its upbeat style and tempo make it the best song on the album. However, “TKO” opens like a rap song, and even though I know that Timberlake does this from time to time, this one led me to think that he had partnered with Gucci Mane in attempts to adding some spice. The rapper was sentenced to six months in prison Monday for violating his probation, so if JT associated himself with him I would have been very disappointed.

Multiple other songs seem to drag on too long, most notably the final track “Not a Bad Thing.” The first 5 minutes and 30 seconds of the track offer a soft, smooth beat that I thought was going to end my “20/20 Experience” on a high note.

But, the remaining 6 minutes were dominated by Timberlake singing about flying away with his love on a “big ol’ pair of wings” with background guitar. Perhaps it was his motive to end the record on a loving note, but I for one just did not see the point of it. Probably because I’m a guy.

Overall, I enjoyed “The 20/20 Experience” due to being a supporter of Justin Timberlake’s work, but the album left me wanting something more. I will undoubtedly listen to Part I in the future, but as for the remaining 11 tracks, not entirely.

Grade: B-

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