Hangover Easy is located at 1646 Neil Ave.  Credit: Kim Dailey / Lantern reporter

Hang Over Easy is located at 1646 Neil Ave.
Credit: Kim Dailey / Lantern reporter

When the morning after the party is a little rough, it’s best to take it easy.

Hang Over Easy, located at 1646 Neil Ave., specializes in breakfast foods that can help combat the ever-villainous hangover.

Decorated with posters and pictures of pop culture memorabilia from the 1960s to the present, the restaurant still retains an Ohio State theme with OSU football merchandise, fitting in with the college setting. Each table has a nice college life touch to them with six-pack beer bottle boxes acting as organizers for sugar, sweetener, ketchup, mustard, grape and strawberry jelly and Tobasco sauce.

Coming in from the “winter” chill, I ordered a coffee and the “Struggling to Get Up,” which consists of two pancakes served with warm syrup. I went with the seasonal pumpkin pancakes, holding onto my last grip on autumn as I took off my jacket. My meal arrived in less than 10 minutes, which was impressive considering the crowd that was forming in the restaurant.

The pumpkin pancakes were served with a cream icing in place of the butter, making them taste sweet. Before cutting into the pancakes, the smell of pumpkin spices filled my senses, and the aroma made me smile. However, the spices used in the pancakes were so overpowering that I could hardly taste anything else. While delicious in a latte, I could hardly make it through half of my meal without my face turning in disgust.

The disappointing flapjacks didn’t take away from my experience at Hang Over Easy. As soon as I entered the restaurant, the wait staff was engaging and courteous to my needs. As I looked around the restaurant, I saw some of the waitresses interacting with regular customers, which added to the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

Breakfast at Hang Over Easy ranges from $3.50 to about $10. The restaurant also offers burgers ranging from about $7 to about $10, entrees ranging from $8.50 to about $10, sandwiches ranging from about $8 to about $10, salads ranging from $6.50 to about $10 and soups for about $4 for a cup and about $5 for a bowl.

Hang Over Easy offers a variety of specials throughout the week. During the week, the restaurant offers a variety of different foods such as an Acropolis salad on Mondays, chicken and bacon waffles on Tuesdays, a buffalo chicken sandwich on Wednesdays, a pot roast sandwich on Thursdays and a Brioche breakfast sandwich during the weekend.

The restaurant also has weekend specials on drinks such as $3 screwdrivers, $4 Buckeye shots — made of cherry bourbon, Jägermeister and your choice in beer with Pinnacle Whipped — $5 mimosas, Arnold Palmers, Bloody Marys and Irish Coffees and $6 dark and stormy and cinnamon toast crunch, made of cinnamon schnapps and vanilla vodka.

Hangover Easy is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.