A fire was reported at Buckeye Village after a 27-year-old female student left a pot of beef on the stove while making a “quick trip” away from her apartment Sunday at about 12:40 p.m., according to a University Police report.

The student got unexpectedly held up and a neighbor called emergency services after smelling smoke coming from the apartment. Officers who responded to the call, unaware if someone was inside the apartment, kicked down the door and turned the stove off, according to the report.

In another fire-related incident, a resident adviser at Morrill Tower reported arson Sunday at about 9:07 p.m. after finding a piece of paper on a community bulletin board in a hallway had been burned. The paper had “a small burn mark on it,” and was valued at $1, according to a University Police report.

In addition, there were 18 thefts reported on Ohio State’s campus this week from Nov. 6 to Wednesday.

There were two reports of offenses involving underage persons Friday afternoon. No arrests were made and both cases are closed.