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Fashion: Grunge up your wardrobe to fit changing weather

A button-up flannel shirt is just one way to grunge up your wardrobe.  Credit: Courtesy of MCT

A button-up flannel shirt is just one way to grunge up your wardrobe.
Credit: Courtesy of MCT

As the weather grows gloomier and the sky becomes a palette of dirty grays, don’t let your style fall into the terrifying territory of sweatpants tucked into UGG boots because you let your glum mood dictate your fashion choices. Instead, transform the melancholy chill of November into outfits that scream stylish and grungy without being too taxing on your morning routine. Read on to find out how to channel your inner Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love in no time at all.

The more beat up, the better

If you have a favorite pair of boots that are scuffed up and falling apart, don’t throw them away just yet. The best part about a grungy style is being able to wear clothes and accessories that wouldn’t be wearable otherwise. Ripped jeans, tattered tights and combat boots with holes are all fair game and add an effortlessly cool aura to the overall look. The more destroyed elements you combine, the grittier your outfit will appear.

Flannel is always OK

Whether it’s tied around your waist or draped over your shoulders, a button-up flannel shirt is quintessentially grunge. Show your personality with the colors showcased in the plaid pattern — a black and white checked print will give off more of an aloof, mod vibe, while red tones will warm up the style. The way you wear the shirt can also showcase your personal style so you don’t look like a carbon copy of anyone else. For a more high-fashion feel, button the flannel up and loop a neutral belt around your waist. To go more in the way of the hipster, throw on a loose-fitting, snarky tee under an open flannel paired with leggings and worn-in oxford flats.

Band tees, band tees, band tees

Did your parents save their concert tees from when they were younger? Repurpose these vintage treasures in your own wardrobe as layering pieces under destroyed denim jackets, military-style trenches and the ever-present flannel shirts (see above section). This piece can easily be the highlight of the outfit, so why not use it to showcase something you love? Instead of going to Hot Topic and buying the grungiest looking shirt of a band you’ve never heard of, go to your favorite band’s online merchandise shop and go crazy. Tees, tanks and even cropped tops are all great choices because of their ability to be layered.

Roll right out of bed 

The best part of a grunge-based style is that you’re allowed to look disheveled; looking too prim and proper throws the whole look out of balance. So toss that hair up into a messy bun, or let your natural waves flow free. Smudge your eyeliner to your heart’s content and don’t worry about all that foundation, blush and lipstick. Don’t doll yourself up, and instead go with a mostly natural look. The key here is feeling comfortable with yourself — the ability to pull off a really gritty, grungy style is all in your confidence.

So on those days that you really can’t be bothered to dress up for the day ahead, trick everyone into thinking you did. Ironically, looking like you and your clothes are falling apart is one of the most put-together, fashionable looks out there. Just ask Kate Moss.

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