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Ohio State Council of Graduate Students officers issue apology after 6-hour meeting

After a week-long conflict and a six-hour conversation with the Office of Student Life, the Ohio State Council of Graduate Students has rescheduled its meeting, originally scheduled for Friday, to Dec. 13.

According to emails sent earlier in the week, the council almost canceled the meeting completely.

“For my part, it is believed that I have the authority to cancel the meeting on my own, but I would look to the committee as a whole to make the decision together so there is no confusion,” CGS president Joshua Coy said in a Wednesday email sent to executive members of CGS asked the members to “not bring other people outside of the exec committee into this conversation.”

Coy said in the email an ongoing investigation of CGS was the main reason for seeking to cancel the meeting.

“The prospect of multiple, or one large investigation actively happening into all parts of the executive officers makes the possibility of running an effective meeting a questionable one,” the email read.

OSU Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said in an email Thursday afternoon it is private information whether there was an OSU investigation into the matter.

“The matter … is subject to federal privacy regulations which prohibit us from commenting,” Isaacs said. “It is important to understand that the university has policies and procedures for responding to and investigating student personnel and conduct issues, and we are committed to providing and facilitating positive and safe working, learning and involvement environments.”

A letter from other CGS officers to CGS Vice President Jamie Crowsley dated Nov. 1 detailed Crowsley’s actions over the past few months, which had caused them “to become gravely concerned” and included “lying and asking others to lie,” manipulating facts and events and failing to take responsibility for her actions. There were not specific examples given for most of the issues listed.

It also said there would be “no opportunity for response, rebuttal or debate on (Crowsley’s) behalf as this will not … be considered a hearing, but rather a personnel issue.”

Crowsley forwarded the letter in an email Monday to Krista Bryson, a CGS delegate and a Ph.D., candidate in the Department of English. Crowsley told Bryson in her email, obtained by The Lantern, Coy had initiated an “executive session” during the Nov. 15 CGS meeting to present the problems to the executive committee.

“He demanded that minutes not be kept for this session and that everyone in attendance adhere to confidentiality, not speaking about the content of the meeting with anyone beyond that room,” Crowsley said.

Crowsley’s email also mentioned Coy had fired Bryson at the private meeting for attempting to protest his desire for secrecy.

Coy, Bryson and Crowsley did not respond to The Lantern’s requests for comment Thursday.

Various graduate students voiced their support for Crowsley and Bryson through various emails obtained by The Lantern throughout the week.

A letter sent to the graduate student body Thursday night, however, and obtained by The Lantern, said Coy and Crowsley had a six-hour meeting with Student Life staff members to “discuss the many issues that we felt brought us to this point.”

Coy offered apologies for the letter to Crowsley and for his treatment of Bryson, while Crowsley apologized for confusing “the people with the politics.”

The letter also said that both officers “remain committed to continue moving the organization and our constituency forward.”

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  1. I think this last week has been appalling due to the mudslinging that has occurred, but I happy that they seem to both be remorseful. I respect that they care enoug h about the rest of us to own their mistakes and get back to business.

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