"House of Cards" is a Netflix original series.  Credit: Courtesy of MCT

“House of Cards” is a Netflix original series.
Credit: Courtesy of MCT

Alongside “selfie” and “twerk,” the term “binge-watch” has quickly been added to our vocabulary. From celebrities to politicians, college students to my own mother binge-watching “Revenge,” the world of Netflix has started a revolution for TV viewers.

Binge-watching is the ability to watch an entire television series with minimal breaks. This is an addiction that is enabled by Showtime Anytime, HBO GO, boxed DVD sets and, largely, Netflix. Instead of having to wait for your favorite show to come on every week, you now have the ability to watch many shows in a row with no reason to leave your bed.

With the popularity of Netflix rising, and a small cost of about $8 a month for the service, there are many shows every college student can binge-watch this semester.

If you like original series:

Either “House of Cards” or “Orange is the New Black” could be for you. “House of Cards” is a political drama about a powerful congressman in Washington D.C., and notable fans include Bill Clinton. “Orange is the New Black” is a show that tells the story of an upper-middle-class woman who ends up in a female prison.

If you like comedy:

“New Girl” is about a young woman who finds herself living with three single men after a breakup. “Parks and Recreation,” starring Amy Poehler, is about a woman in the local government, full of humor and ideas about her community. Turns out Vice President Joe Biden even loves this show.

If you like shows where you love the bad guys:

Justin Bieber has stated “Dexter” is one of his TV addictions. “Dexter” is about a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, but the twist is he is also a serial killer of murderers. “Revenge” is another show trailing a controversial lead character, following the story of a young woman seeking vengeance for the wrongful death of her father.

If you like workplace drama:

Model Tyra Banks has admitted to binge-watching “Scandal.” This show is about a lawyer in Washington D.C. who fixes politicians’ scandals. Another addictive workplace drama is “Mad Men.” This shows the daily lives of employees in an advertising agency and takes place in the 1960s.

Netflix is a great way to waste time, and I highly recommend the investment. But, as a warning, you could easily find yourself skipping out on class and homework in order to watch the next episode in your new favorite series.