Chad Vaccarino of A Great Big World performs at A&R Music Bar Feb. 4.
Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo Editor

A Great Big World had something to say Tuesday night.

Despite the snowy weather, a full house of fans came out to support the up-and-coming Indie rock duo, known for their top-40 hit “Say Something” featuring Christina Aguilera, at A&R Music Bar. The atmosphere was relaxed, perfect for the mid-twenties concert-goer. The venue was intimate, which helped create a more meaningful concert.

The opener for A Great Big World was Secret Someones. With three leading women, this band instantly had everyone’s attention.

Striking vocals and locking chords while rocking out, the Secret Someones were far from average. Their set was lively with some spunk, giving off an Indie rocker-girl vibe.

At 9 p.m., the lights lowered and the excitement in the crowd was palpable as Chad Vaccarino and Ian Axel found their microphones at the front of the stage.

The crowd went wild as Vaccarino and Axel opened with “Rockstar,” a song off their album “Is There Anybody Out There?” The momentum never died as the band sang through their one and only album, with the crowd singing and dancing the whole time.

Throughout the concert, Vaccarino and Axel were humble and personable with the crowd. Having met eight years prior at NYU, the friendship between the frontmen made the band feel even more familiar.

The songs from their debut album as a whole were uplifting and different than the typical band because of their use of piano, trumpet and other instruments.

Another crowd favorite was their song “Everyone Is Gay,” in support of the LGBT community.

Vaccarino had the audience swooning as he had his moment alone on stage singing “I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else” while playing the acoustic guitar. As he started to play, Vaccarino warned the audience that this song was more quiet and subdued, and the audience “shushed” each other to hear him more clearly.

The other members of the band then left Axel on the stage with only his piano for an emotionally sung live edition of “Say Something.”

Every phone or camera was up in the air capturing Axel as he crooned the melody that everyone in the venue sang along with.

The concert was extremely well-done; the men of A Great Big World are musicians who not only have talent, but they also have heart for their music and their fans.