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After cockroaches were found in an Ohio State residence hall, a Student Life spokesman said the university is working — and spending — to keep bugs under control.

Residents of a room in Taylor Tower found cockroaches in the room Feb. 8, said Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs.

The three students who were living in the room were then moved to another residence hall, though Isaacs did not know which one.

Once OSU’s housing staff is convinced the problem is eradicated, Isaacs said in an email, the room will be available for occupancy again, but he did not know if the previous residents will return to the room.

Mieley Conrad, a first-year in actuarial science and business, lives on the 11th floor of Taylor Tower. She said while it worries her to know cockroaches were found in her building, she thinks it’s better than finding bedbugs.

“I can handle bugs, but I know a lot of people can’t,” Conrad said. “It’s a large dorm … but at the same time, I want (the) problem (to be) taken care of.”

Isaacs said there is a budget in place for pest control.

For the past fiscal year, Student Life’s pest control expenses totaled $124,055, Isaacs said.

He said the university has a contract with JC Ehrlich Company, a pest control company.

“Our joint goal is clear, pest-free facilities and to prevent pest attraction and entry. Our pest control plan includes regular treatment and monitoring of Student Life facilities,” Isaacs said. “The efforts are both preventative and in reaction to specific problems that may occur.”

The pest control contractor is set to continue to work around campus during spring break, Isaacs said.

Tim O’Hearn, a second-year in accounting, said he wasn’t surprised to hear cockroaches were found in a residence hall on North Campus.

“The (buildings) we have on North Campus are kind of old,” he said.

Taylor Tower was completed in 1966.

O’Hearn said he hopes OSU will check other residence halls for bugs over spring break.

“The most important thing is our students’ health. I mean, we are paying a lot of money to go here that we should have (a) good environment that does not (leave) us with itches all day,” he said.

Conrad said she understands bugs get into residence halls, but she wants to know pest problems are being addressed.

“I like to know the university is taking efforts to prevent (it),” she said.