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43 complaints filed about Ohio State off-campus landlord NorthSteppe Realty since January 2013


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Many Ohio State students have come to expect some amount of decay when they move into an off-campus house, so when Jared Malvic and his friends moved into a house on 12th Avenue last year, they weren’t surprised to find it needed some maintenance.

But when the initial mold in the air conditioning units and dirt on the floor turned into service requests that needed to be placed multiple times to be filled, Malvic said he started to get annoyed.

“My window’s broken,” said Malvic, a fourth-year in materials science and engineering. “It’s been like that a while, and it hasn’t been fixed.”

Then the housemates found a stranger living in a room in their basement, unbeknownst to them, in September. Especially after that, they didn’t have many good things to say about their rental company, NorthSteppe Realty, said MJ Dorony, a fourth-year in journalism who lives in the house.

“We’re not their biggest fans, no,” Dorony said.

NorthSteppe, which owns about 100 different dwellings in the OSU campus area, has accrued more than 220 housing violations since 2008, including more than 40 since January 2013 and at least five in 2014, according to a City of Columbus Code Enforcement log. Among those violations are cockroach infestations and excessive trash buildup.

“Persons living here are dealing with rats,” reads one entry. “Persons have had to kill rats here and the landlord is not doing anything about it.”

Other entries show no working smoke detectors in units, structural disrepair and graffiti on the outsides of occupied buildings.

One resident in 2012 reported that a fire escape was unattached from the building, an owl was destroying the roof, there was a bug infestation and mold was growing on the ceiling — all in one house.

Residents of the houses, passers-by who notice a problem or Community Crime Patrol have reported violations, according to the log.

Any open orders made against a NorthSteppe property are investigated by Columbus Code Enforcement, but there have not been investigations into the company itself, said Dana Rose, Columbus Code Enforcement administrator.

“We’re going to be looking at all landlords with multiple properties in the next few months,” Rose said Feb. 24. “But we haven’t gotten to making a specific list yet.”

The City of Columbus Code Enforcement Division aims to improve quality of life in Columbus areas by implementing and enforcing various city codes, including housing, health and safety codes, according to its website.

NorthSteppe has made some changes to ensure the quality of its houses since a stranger was found to be living at the house on 12th Avenue, said Mike Stickney, broker of NorthSteppe Realty, in an email Jan. 13.

“We have made policy changes,” Stickney said. “We are inspecting our properties on a quarterly basis for safety, security and cleanliness issues.”

Stickney did not respond to emails requesting comment about housing violations.

Slightly less than 40 percent of respondents to an OSU Undergraduate Student Government survey about off-campus landlords rated NorthSteppe a 3 out of 5, where 5 represented the best score. Roughly 25 percent of respondents gave NorthSteppe a 1, and an average overall performance ranking of 2.5 placed NorthSteppe below the 20 other landlords included, according to the USG 2013-14 Renter’s Guide.

Some of NorthSteppe’s houses feature stainless steel kitchen appliances and other amenities, but their quality remains comparable to other houses in the university area, said Hannah Ortega, a third-year in speech and hearing science and Spanish who subleased a townhouse from NorthSteppe for three months last summer.

“The apartment was kind of dirty, but that’s pretty standard,” Ortega said. “I’ve lived in other places (through other landlords) and been to friends’ apartments, and they’re never really nice. I’ve just kind of come to expect that.”

Ortega echoed Malvic’s complaints, saying NorthSteppe never responded to her request to put in an air conditioning unit at the beginning of the summer.

The roommates on 12th Avenue have not taken legal action against NorthSteppe after finding the stranger in their basement, and Dorony said they don’t plan to pursue anything in the future.

“If something occurs, like we get screwed over with the security deposit, which shouldn’t happen, I think we may go back to it,” Dorony said. “But as of now, nothing’s going on.”

Malvic said the state of one’s house can take its toll on every aspect of life.

“I’m taking engineering classes, I’m involved in some clubs, and now I have this new house that is having all these problems,” he said. “It’s just really stressful.”


  1. they were slumlords back when i was on campus 20 years ago!

  2. North Steppe, Buckeye, and especially Oxford were bad when I lived there 10 years ago. We eventually left the campus area because they were the main rental companies and we were sick of living in filth. One of the properties we lived in was so bad that you could get into other townhouses on our row/side by climbing through holes in the basement walls. There were rats, homeless people living in the backyard, etc.
    I hope the city finally does something about this, especially since it’s been happening for decades! I hope that Jay and Scott at Oxford Realty eventually get what they deserve…

  3. At what point does the University, Police Department, City of Columbus truly get involved and do something other than walk around and fill out paper forms citing these idiots? This is an endangerment to the society and no one is taking the forceful measures necessary to fix.

  4. I’m thinking class-action lawsuit.

  5. Student Legal Services

    OSU Students – schedule an appointment with Student Legal Services for legal advice regarding off-campus housing matters and other legal issues. Schedule online at http://studentlegal.osu.edu or by calling 614.247.5853. Our team of legal professionals is here to help!

  6. Exactly why you should go with InnTown. Never had a problem getting anything done with them.

  7. I loved renting with NorthSteppe. No problems here!

  8. Kelly, you are by yourself on this one. Or you work for the company. There’s honesty so much wrong with that company I don’t even know where to begin. Just read yelp to get an idea. Hope they shut em down.

  9. Oxford is actually the worst. Jay is a sarcastic a**hole and the front desk lady could not be any more rude. We had cockroaches in our basement crawl up into our living room and we called and complained and they told us to go buy raid because it was too expensive to call the exterminators again. what an absolute joke.

  10. Arizona Buckeye

    This situation, like many in life, unfortunately about the $$$$. As long as money is made and OSU doesn’t lose any nothing will change. The rental companies know they have us over a barrel and they will keep on sticking it to us. I moved way off campus, commute is a pain but having a decent place and lack of stress is worth the extra money.

  11. Off-campus rental companies take advantage of students because students allow themselves to be taken advantage of. I don’t know if most students realize that they have rights as renters and that there are actual laws and codes by which their rental companies have to abide. Instead of insisting on their rental agencies sticking to their end of the bargain, students simply deal with the issues. One friend lived in a house with four other guys when their only toilet broke. Instead of fixing the problem immediately, their rental company told them to go to the gas station down the street to use the bathroom and left them toilet-less for over a week. The renters used Student Legal Services to deal with the issue and within days of contacting them their toilet and the miscellaneous other problems in the house were all fixed. That being said, OSU could and should be doing much more to protect its students from the sharks that run off-campus housing.

  12. I had a terrible experience with NorthSteppe, and it all started on move in day. We had heard about how the houses are usually not ready on move in day, so my roommate called to confirm that the house was ready and was given a rude response along the lines of “what do you think?” Since NorthSteppe was not any help, we went ahead and hoped that the house was prepared. We arrived on move in day to a PILE of dirt and debris on the living room floor, the carpet ripped up which exposed nails, and a filthy house. We had to wait three days to move in because NorthSteppe did not have the house ready when our contract stated. My two roommates from out of state had to find a place to store their things and a hotel to stay in. After we complained, NorthSteppe did refund us some of our rent for the three days. Throughout the year we had mice in the house, squirrels in the chimney and many electrical problems to which NorthSteppe was not interested in fixing. The “half bath” was a converted closet where the toilet wouldn’t even flush. Even after cleaning it up as much as possible, the house was disgusting. I rent with Inn Town Homes now and I couldn’t be happier about the condition of my living space and the service.

  13. 43 violations, 21 of which involve graffiti or couches in the yard! Half of these violations have to do with actions taken on behalf of the students themselves. Sounds like a student reporter trying to draw eyes on an article with a headline. Oh, and pests (rats, cockroaches, mice, squirrels) don’t exclusively rent from Northsteppe, they’re a city wide issue.

  14. Erik, do you like working for them? I hope they pay you well. Oh, and in reference to the pest “issue”, remember that when you sleep with dogs you get fleas.

    Scratching yet? Wait a little while, you will.

  15. Could OSU organizations and publications (ahem, “Off-campus Housing Guide”) please stop accepting NorthSteppe advertisements please? Seems obvious not to support a bad neighbor…..

  16. So glad I only live in University Village and Olentangy Village.

  17. Why hasn’t someone attempted to sue this company yet? Especially the people with the random stranger in the basement, I wouldn’t be paying rent for the rest of the year.

  18. I have lived with Northsteppe a few years. No major problems and they were always responsive/helpful. Property Management is the company to watch out for. We had tons of issues with them.

    Lol notice almost thirty of the complaints are due to tenants (Parking, graffiti, couches in lawns). Haha, also that must of been one crazy ass owl!

  19. Oh I remember a lot of problems my daughter had as a Osu student. Thank God she wasn’t like others and ran out on rent etc. doing stupid childish shigday!!! She called me and I stepped in. I told one furniture company who tried to rip her off “You don’t know who the h@ you’re dealing with. I promise if I show up on that campus you will regret the day you crossed my daughter. MY NAME is on that credit card. I’m not some ignorant parent with low credit scores. Do your research on who my child is so we can settle this……IT WAS SETTLED!!!” When an idiot Osu roommate trashed my child on Facebook (idiot forgot she FRIENDED my child) but my baby handled it well but OMG people LOVE the story. While trashing my child on FB to friends my child sent a msg “Oh so I’m nasty. Headed over to your room (both were HOME) now to discuss your BLONDE hair in the shower (someone forgot they’re were potty trained waiting on my child to enter room hahahaha)!” So off campus it was and I’m glad my child could afford an apt she loved with no more roommate drama!!!!! Apt complex even sent her a check to our hometown as an overpayment! hahahaha

  20. I’m a graduate student who has lived off campus for 4 years. 1st Place Realty landlords allowed us to live in a rat infested, ant infested house with structural damage, and failed to respond to multiple maintenance requests. Pettit properties had great homes and maintenance, but we’re extremely rude and tried to take our entire security deposit +$300. I went to student legal services over that dispute. My current landlord, Buckeye Real Estate, so far has been great at maintenance. This is my first apartment that is very clean and structurally sound.

    So needless to say Ohio State has a big problem with “slum” landlords that increase rent prices $25-$50 every year and have no plans of stopping. I started paying $350 a month for a one bedroom, and today there isn’t a good property under $500. In 4 years that’s absolutely ridiculous. I wish there was regulation on the landlords that use us students for financial gain at the expense of of us living in homes that should truly be condemned.

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  28. I just rented an apartment through northsteppe for the first time and i already regret my decision! They wouldn’t even show me my own apartment after i had placed a security deposit on it, and refused to make time to. On top of that their supposedly “higher authority” was extremely rude and did not seem to care about the hundreds of customers he was making unhappy. Definitley will NOT be renting from them ever again

  29. Wish I would have listened to all the negative reviews. Just had my son’s deposit deducted by $240 for nail holes. My son hung nothing and his roommate hung 1 poster with 4 thumbtacks. The walls (fake paneling) were literally falling off when he moved in and they never repaired them (or any other issues). We (his parents) filled out the appropriate paperwork and went into the office. They don’t return calls either. I filled out the paperwork for a discrepancy with the deposit 2 weeks ago, have placed many calls and still no response. Tried calling the manager, again no response. This place should be closed down. Students cannot afford to be ripped off. We, his parents, live in town and were present for both the move in and move out. In fact, I was there for the professional carpet cleaning (the apartment was empty) and checked each room for condition. The place was cleaner than when we moved in. Shut them down!!

  30. Northsteppe realty was the worst while I was in undergrad! Someone entered my apartment to check for “bed bugs” without any warning. He had no name tag on and the whole situation was very sketchy. My advice to undergrad students is to rent somewhere off campus or avoid going through northsteppe. They try to screw you over with “fees” and they are very hard to work with! They totally take advantage of college students because they know you are young and busy, so they can get away with it. Just avoid them at all cost.

  31. I am having the same issues, they told me not to bother looking at a unit if i was busy because it was exactly like the pictures. NOPE! so on move in day i went to complain about the unit and she said I “seem to be hung up on superficial things like floors, doors, counters and appliances”. Which is pretty much the entire apt. Since living here I have been charged 190 in move out cleaning and painting fees- which my apt was left in pristine condition.
    Every apt is cleaned and painted so why are they charging for it????
    My tub has backed up 4 times- filling to 6 inches or so with water and sludge and dirt. All they do is snake the drain- SOMETIMES when there is clearly a larger issue. They showed my apt to strangers while i wasnt home for my last 7 months there! SEVEN MONTHS!

    They also set up 10 month leases as a 12 payment installment plan- 12 payments for 10 months… how is this legal???

    When i go in to discuss my problems they “are too busy” and suggest I email them. When asked why they haven’t responded to emails sent 1-2 months ago they act as if that’s acceptable and complained about the number of units.

    Maybe they shouldn’t manage that many if they can’t handle it.

    I want out of my lease but don’t what I can do.

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