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3 robberies reported on, near Ohio State’s campus within 3 hours

One of the robberies that prompted a May 24 public safety notice occurred near the South Oval. Credit: Chelsea Spears / Multimedia Editor

One of the robberies that prompted a May 24 public safety notice occurred near the South Oval.
Credit: Chelsea Spears / Multimedia Editor

Three robberies were reported on or near campus in the late evening Friday and early morning Saturday, prompting University Police to issue a public safety notice Saturday afternoon.

Two of the incidents reportedly occurred on Ohio State’s campus, while the other occurred off campus.

The first robbery occurred on West 17th Avenue and College Road at 11:05 p.m., when a male student was knocked down by two suspects, causing mild injuries to the head and face. “Personal property” was stolen, according to the University Police public safety notice.

One suspect was described as a 16-17-year-old black man standing at about 5 feet, 8 inches with long, braided hair and facial hair. He was reportedly wearing blue jeans. The second suspect was also described as a black man between the ages of 16-17, standing at 5 feet, 6 inches with short hair. He was described as wearing a white and gray polo shirt and dark blue jeans.

The second robbery reportedly occurred on the South Oval near Hale Hall at 11:16 p.m. A male student “was knocked down, kicked and punched and had personal property stolen,” according to the public safety notice. The victim was unable to provide any suspect description.

The third robbery reportedly happened off campus at East 13th Avenue and North Pearl Street at 1:24 a.m. Saturday. The suspect showed and pointed a knife at a male student, who had property stolen from him but was not injured.

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The suspect in that incident was described as a black man between the ages of 20-22. The Columbus Division of Police is investigating the third robbery, according to the notice.

The public safety notice notice asked anyone with information to contact University Police or Columbus Division of Police.

Public safety notices are issued when crimes are considered to be of a “concern and/or continuing threat to the campus community,” though it does not mean there was an increase in crime or a crime pattern exists, according to the notice.

There have been at least three other public safety notices issued so far in 2014. Two notices were for an armed robbery and attempted armed robbery in March and April, respectively, and another was for a reported rape in a residence hall in February.

University Police representatives were unavailable for comment.


Editor’s note: This story was updated May 24 at 3:30 p.m. 


  1. To bad osu student cannot carry something to protect themselves while on campus…

  2. In the robbery that occurred in the South Oval near Hale Hall, the student was attacked by a gang of 5 to 6 black males. But due to the violence of the attack was unable to recall any other details due to being dazed and may have been briefly unconscious.

  3. That these incidents would occur was predictable from the soft reaction of the OSU police chief to the incident a month or two ago, a violent robbery on-campus at 11-something at night. He basically said, Now that the weather is getting warmer, all would-be victims will have to be extra careful. The man should be fired immediately.

    These attacks are really, really bad. Until the chief is fired and the school gets serious on this issue, no girl should enroll at OSU Columbus. If robberies go unchecked, sex attacks are next.

  4. OSU Police will only get serious after there is a fatality and garners national attention. OSU has no problem spending plenty of money on new turf, how about floating the popo a couple of grand so we can not have the lowest number of officers in the Big Ten? Not placing blame on the victims here because we don’t know the circumstances, but kids, take those damned headphones out and learn some situational awareness. Properly trained and permitted concealed carry would end this section 8 thuggery. One or two times folks protecting themselves and putting the thugs down should pretty much put this issue to bed.

  5. No, Your Mom. A student should be able to walk at 11:00 at night on campus while distracted by academics, romance or music, and not have to be on full, downtown-Detroit alert! (Alone and drunk on the backstreets of Columbus at 3:00am is a different story and not what we are talking about here.) And suggesting kids might start carrying guns on campus is just ridiculous and unserious, i.e. not the approach such a very, very serious situation calls for.

  6. I don’t disagree with you Tommy. However, until the university and Columbus police puts measures in place to create this utopian place you speak of, students should have the choice to make informed decisions to have CCW (or other non-lethal protective measures if firearms are your issue). They need to take their safety into their own hands until the police step in. I am not sure that some places on campus at 11p are too far different than some backstreets of Columbus at 3am. It is a very serious situation, one that calls for a much heightened police and safety service presence. Yes, the students here should only have to worry about academics, crushes, and football saturday, couldn’t agree with you more. Guns and violence are never the answer, but I am very much an advocate of not putting a person out there as an active victim.

  7. Concerned Parent

    I think the student government along with the rest of the student body needs to put pressure on this University to step up and take action against the crime in the Columbus area and especially on campus. If I would have been aware of the lack of police protection and criminal activity in the area I would have never allowed my daughter to go to this university. The police presence on campus is non existant!!! When is something going to be done??? When it’s too late!!!

  8. I agree, when a gang can walk into campus unchallenged, attack, rob and then beat a paying student on the ground kicking and punching him into semi-unconsciousness right in the middle of the South Oval, then leave with no police in sight, something is very wrong with campus security. And the University president should be very very concerned. Not that this just occurred once, but it has been a regular occurance for years (just Google ‘OSU campus robbery’ for a load of news stories). The only time you see campus police in force is when they are scanning car license plates for illegal parking, so they can tow and collect fines. In-state students are paying $22K+ per year to live and learn on this campus, it damn well should be safe enough to walk to the South Oval next to their dorm without a life altering attack by a damn group of thugs from the neighborhoods off campus. This needs to be fixed…..now, they can’t keep watering down the new stories and hiding the truth about what is really happening much longer.

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