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Crime brief: 4 assaults reported in a week

There were four assaults reported within the last week, three of which were at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center or related branches.

The first assault occurred June 5 at the Wexner Medical Center Emergency Department, but was reported June 10.

A male nurse was kicked in the head and briefly lost consciousness in the assault, according to a University Police report. He was assigned to care for a patient who threatened him and was verbally abusive to the point of disrupting other patients.

When the nurse attempted to administer treatment to the patient at the foot of the bed, the patient kicked him in the temple and the nurse fell to the floor. He was taken to another location and was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome, according to the report.

There was another assault reported June 11 at the emergency department early in the morning.

The third assault took place Sunday afternoon, at University Hospital East at 1492 E. Broad St., also at the emergency department there.

A patient was under a medical hold and was not permitted to leave her hospital bed. A female nurse attempted to keep the patient in her bed and the patient attempted to choke the nurse, according to a police report.

Another nurse was able to push the patient’s hands away and the two gained control of the patient and administered a sedative to her. The first nurse’s lanyard was ripped in the incident and her neck was red, while the second nurse had her hair pulled.

The patient told an officer “if you are going to touch me, then I am going to touch you back. They grabbed me so (I) snatched them back.”

Another assault was reported early Monday morning at 12th Avenue and High Street. The victim had minor injuries visible on their head and right hand, according to a report.

There were 17 reports of theft between June 10 and Tuesday. Of those, three were from automobiles and three were reports of stolen bicycles. There were six reports of criminal damaging last week.

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