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Editorial: Print reduction won’t alter The Lantern’s mission


Every school year brings new challenges and changes to Ohio State students and organizations, and this year will be no different for us at The Lantern.

Our paper was printed at least four days per week last year, but this year, it will only print three times per week at most. That’s a big change for a lot of reasons — there will be fewer pages to lay out, fewer print deadlines to meet and fewer hard copies of our clips to save.

But things will mostly stay the same. Our editorial staff will still be working the same days and roughly the same hours, though now, some of that time will be spent producing entirely online editions.

And those online editions won’t be just stories with a single photo or static graphic embedded. We’re aiming to amp up our website, using interactive maps, timelines, infographics, photo slideshows, video and audio. We’re also seeking to make reading the news on your phone even easier.

We want to take the additional time that we’ll have in the absence of print editions to get ahead in what some people call the “digital-first” movement.

You, our readers, deserve it, because you deserve to get your news in the most interesting, relevant and efficient way possible.

So now is the time to subscribe to our email blast, which goes out both regularly and to deliver breaking news. Now is the time to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook. Now is the time to email us your suggestions and thoughts on what we can do better.

We’re evolving and brainstorming to tackle this new challenge. We want your feedback and help as we transition.

After all, as much as things might change this year, they’ll still remain the same. Since the start of The Lantern 133 years ago, it has strived to provide the OSU community the news it needs and deserves.

That will never change.


  1. The incorrect placement of “less” (instead of fewer), is why no one will miss the more frequent production. Learn to edit.

    Add in the ad filled site, privatization, editorialization of headlines, sensationalization of claims…

  2. trying to think about how cool i would have to be to get upset about the “misuse” of “few” and “less.” prly a p cool guy with my life in order.

    get a grip, sir; the year is 2014, not 1865.

  3. Congratulations on making the morally responsible decision. Many a tree has been saved.

  4. As long as there are good things around to read, it doesn’t matter much. I read the lantern online most of the time anyway.

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