A woman reported disorderly conduct in the parking lot near the University Police station at Blankenship Hall.

She said she was talking to her husband while she sat in her car on June 24 when another woman pulled into a spot next to the passenger side of her car. The first woman then reported that the second woman hit her passenger side car mirror when she opened the door to get out of her car, according to a University Police report.

The first woman hung up the phone and got out of her car to investigate and take pictures of the damage, which made the second woman agitated. The second woman swore at the first woman and attempted to block the first woman from taking a picture of her license plate.

The first woman reported the incident but did not wish to press charges, according to the report.

The following day, a woman fell down the stairs in Hagerty Hall and injured her back. She said she noticed the stairs were wet — likely from rain that day — but didn’t see a caution sign anywhere.

She went to class, but the pain in her back continued to grow until she had to call an ambulance and leave class early, according to a police report.

There was a report of disorderly conduct at a North Campus residence hall on June 25. Three men, ranging in age from 25 to 52, were reported in the incident.

A 22-year-old male was cited for possession of marijuana at the corner of 12th Avenue and High Street on June 27.

A 27-year-old male was arrested for criminal trespassing Sunday at University Hospital East on Broad Street after failing to leave the hospital.

There were 19 reports of theft between June 24 and Wednesday.