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Ohio State student dies

An Ohio State student died early Thursday after being struck by a train in Sharon Township.

Victoria Muchiri, a fourth-year in biology, was a native of West Liberty in Logan County.

Muchiri, 22, died instantly at 1:30 a.m. after standing in front of an approaching Norfolk Southern train. She made no attempt to move from the tracks, the train conductor told Franklin County police.

OSU Student Life spokeswoman Kellie Uhrig sent a statement via email Friday afternoon.

“Our hearts and thoughts are with her friends and family members at this very difficult time,” Uhrig wrote.

Uhrig also noted the suicide prevention services available through Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation.

Anyone with concerns about friends or family or who have thoughts of suicide is encouraged to contact the OSU Counseling and Consultation Service at 614-292-5766 or the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 614-221-5445.

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  1. So Sad to hear about what happened to this lovely girl”!!! So much to live for’!!! So young”!!! Depression is such a terrible illness ‘!!! Maybe if she’d had expressed her pain “?!?! With someone” But unfortunately that rarely happen’s “??!!!! They carry the Pain an misery” all alone’ Never share their feeling’s Feeling like no one will understand “???!? What their going thru” it’s a shame that the tell tell sign’s are Never Noticed until something horrible happen’s Then in hindsight’ when you look back’ You then see the sign’s !!!?? Everyone should learn how to Recognize” Sign’s of Depression’ !!? An Clue’s on Spotting Certain Behavior’s On the illness “( Depression)” So Maybe we Could Recognize” and Intervene”?!?! And save a precious” “(Life)” She an her Family are in my Prayer’s “(God Bless)” Them”An Any Other Family going thru this” And Lord Forbid Another Suffering Human Being” Going thru this Illness”?!? All Alone?!? So anyone reading this ” acquire knowledge About this” And Spread the info’ that’s available “!!!? It Can Save A Life” An Once Again” My Condolences go’s out to the Family” of this Young Woman” God Bless you an Your’s Sincerely your’s ” Tommy an Tonya McCown”

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