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Anthony Schlegel tackles fan on field

Former OSU linebacker Anthony Schlegel, who is now on the Buckeyes’ staff, tackled a fan who ran onto the field during OSU’s 50-28 win against Cincinnati at Ohio Stadium on Saturday night.


  1. Let’s get the arrest record published including the name of the negative behavior ‘fan’ who was appropriately halted and speedily removed. Go Bucks!

  2. Schlegel should be the one punished….. That was over the top, slamming a skinny kid like that.. who was completely unarmed…This could be a huge lawsuit for OSU…. He looked like he had a separated shoulder coming off the field (later reports say he is an OSU golfer).

  3. Schlegel is a former 5-star LB, #1 LB recruit in the country and was widely rumored to be on steroids. This isn’t shocking. He got hurt in college and now he’s a strength coach…also not shocking.

    He shouldn’t get any credit…he’s a roided up former LB, that’s what a roided up former LB is supposed to do.

    As for the kid, he got what he deserved. Don’t run on the field and it won’t happen. Especially don’t run on Schlegel’s field.

  4. What’s even more funny is the kid has a Freedom Flask in the last picture…it’s got a nozzle at the tip, you put it in your pants, pull down your zipper and “pee” your beer from the pouch into your cup.

  5. Ohioans are the nicest people truthfully.

  6. The above comment by Robert is spot on. To contain the situation is one thing….to make a spectacle by physically assaulting the student is not acceptable.

  7. As an Ohio State faculty member, I will be supporting action to be taken against Schlegel to have him removed from his position. His overly-aggressive and violent reaction to this fan deems him incapable of representing The Ohio State University with class. The undergraduate fan did indeed act inappropriately by entering the field of play and should be punished accordingly. That being said, there was no reason to take this (obviously unarmed) student, bring him across his body and slam him into the turf with such unnecessary violence in an attempt to injure. I’ve been informed that he has a history with using steroids which perhaps explains this young man’s anger problems.

  8. Appropriate Action

    Ridiculous comments criticizing Shlegel. Run on the field and you deserve to be incapacitated. So whatever

    So slander a coach in a public forum by stating “you’ve been informed”…..very professional Tim. Way to represent the faculty.

  9. Contain the situation. Watch how security at the Cavs vs. Heat game contained that young man….what if this kid this past Saturday got a broken back, concussion etc. from this NFL/WWE level of hit? Huge risk, no matter what the back of a ticket says.

  10. Not Excessive Force

    Tim Williams: You’d be singing a different tune if the student had assaulted someone on the field, which is what happened to a first base coach at a Chicago White Sox game years ago and to a British soccer goalie last year.

    People who run onto the field at a sporting event are often tackled by security. Here, Ohio State security were helped by another representative of the school — a coach. The force seems reasonable to the situation.

    I wonder if you jeopardized your own position by spreading a potentially libelous claim that the coach had a history of using steroids.

  11. You guys are all soft, this kid got what he deserved.

  12. Once a fan runs on the field they are FREE GAME. Trespassing comes to mind.

    High time the good people in this world took back the madness.

    Re: charges against Schlegel, how ridiculous, only a liberal puke would think of such nonsense. Schlegel’s defense is he thought this fan was a shoe bomber and wanted to stop the threat. Case closed with a jury of his peers.

    Bet it will be a long long long long time before another fan runs on the field with Schlegel on the sidelines.

    I am a Penn St fan who turned into a Buckeye fan for about 5 minutes.

    Coach Schlegel should be commended for defending his team and himself.

  13. Tackler is a CRETIN

    I hope that this dimwit Schlegel is slapped with a lawsuit that puts him in the poorhouse. What a thug! A real man — NOT!!

  14. Schlegel should be charged with assult. Plain and Simple. We don’t need this roid freak to do a cop’s job. What if this kid had a medical condition? What if Mr. Warmachine Schlagel broke the kids back?

  15. This is the exact same thing as if I were to think someone is driving drunk, and take it upon myself to apprehend him… sorry but this man was not a appointed official for policing the stadium.

    If he were then yes I agree.

    But, as long as I am not a police oficer I cant stop cars who I think have an intoxicated driver, and this man, anthony schlegel cannot go off hitting people who run onto a field.

    This is why there are security guards, in security guard outfits. this is why there are laws to promote order, not disorder such as coaches, in coach outfits, doing police or security job… until schlegel is on the clock and being paid to tackle any ‘intruders’ to the field,lets face facts, this video is evidence of a human unjustly assaulting another human, plain and simple.

    And on another point, if this were not a televised game, that children were watching, I might feel more lenient. As they are all of our future. Make your own call on this one but do kids need to see their coaches as competition or as support for THEIR competition? and yes. The college guys are kids too, so long as they are in the midst of PLAYING A GAME… playing games… not storming a beachfront… cmon now people.

  16. so long as old ladys get into trouble for hitting burgulars w frying pans…

    This guy needs to go down too…

  17. You all are really missing the point. If there is security there, let them take care of it. They are covered if they have to use any type of fore to subdue someone. Not a coach on the sidelines. Steroids or not, Schlagle is in the wrong here and should be punished along with the student who ran on the field.

  18. Schlegel is as much of an idiot as the trespasser — both are embarrassments to osu (just a couple in a long line).

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