Police confiscated a handgun from a man not affiliated with the university after an Ohio State football game on Saturday.

Officers first noticed the man at about 7 p.m. when he was carrying a traffic cone through the Neil Avenue Parking Garage, according to a police report.

They saw him carry the cone onto an elevator and later, when they saw him riding in the passenger seat of a car that was on its way to the garage exit, they asked the driver to stop. The man said he picked the cone up near Ohio Stadium, and the officers asked him where he had put it after carrying it onto the elevator. When he told them that he left it on an upper level of the garage, they asked him to retrieve it.

The man was argumentative, and admitted that he was “too drunk to drive,” and that he had been tailgating for the game, according to the report. He opened his glovebox to show his identification to the officers, and they noticed a handgun in plain sight.

The owner of the gun had a concealed carry permit, but failed to disclose that it was in the glovebox, and officers confiscated it for safekeeping because the man was intoxicated. The officers informed the owner that he was required by law to tell them that he had a concealed weapon when the car was pulled over, but no charges were filed.

A 48-year-old man was arrested for attempted theft at Kottman Hall on Monday.

The crime was in process when he was arrested, according to a University Police report, and a backpack with a bike light, pocketknife, pens and keys, as well as a combination cable lock cut valued at $20, were confiscated with the arrest. The man was attempting to steal a $300 21-speed mountain bike, according to the report. He was charged with criminal damaging/endangering.

There were 36 other reports of theft between Sept. 10 and Thursday.

A female staff member reported menacing at the Ohio Union on Sunday at about 11 a.m.

The woman and three student employees were doing rounds on the third floor of the Union when they noticed a man sleeping on the floor in one of the rooms, according to a police report.

When they asked the man to leave the room, the staff member told police he became verbally aggressive and threatened several times to “beat the s—” out of the workers if they followed him out of the Union.

They waited several minutes and checked the public safety desk in the Union, but nobody was there, so they called the police. Officers searched the building to make sure the suspect had left and didn’t find him anywhere.

A woman reported disorderly conduct in the Wendy’s located on the ground floor of Doan Hall after she argued with a Wendy’s employee Sept. 10. She said the argument grew heated, profanities were exchanged and the employee “chest-bumped” her. The employee and the manager of the store later both denied to police that the employee chest-bumped the woman.

Another employee allegedly came to the woman’s table after the chest bump and said he was “off the clock” and “ready to fight her,” according to a University Police report. The manager and the employee said they were caught off guard by the allegations and thought the woman was overreacting.