There were two reports of missing persons on the same day.

The first case was at 11 a.m. on Sept. 3 at University Hospital East on Broad Street.

A patient who was on special watch left the hospital without permission. Hospital officials were worried about him and sent an officer to see if he could be located, according to a University Police report.

The officer didn’t find any leads and reported the patient as missing. The patient returned to the hospital the next day.

In the second report of a missing person, a mother reported her 14-year-old son missing after he ran away from her in Postle Hall at about 2 p.m. after they began arguing.

She said she was worried because he depends on medications. An officer found him shortly after she reported him missing, according to a police report. His mother transferred custody to another person because she feared he would lash out at her.

In other crime news, a man reported that his car was damaged while it sat in the Ohio Stadium parking lot during the Ohio State game against Virginia Tech on Saturday. The car had wavy scratches on it that exposed the bare metal of the car.

Also on Saturday, a man flagged down police because he was worried about an underage woman. Her boyfriend said they had been drinking rum all day leading up to the OSU game. The woman was on her side in a pile of vomit, according to a report.

She was unable to move or speak, and she was transported to the Wexner Medical Center for emergency treatment. No charges were filed, but her case was sent to Student Conduct.

There were 16 open container violations Saturday, and there were 30 reports of theft between Sept. 3 and Friday.