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Who could forget the final emotional scene in “Full House” when Michelle got her memory back and Kimmy surprised D.J. by bringing back Steve as her date to the prom?

The sitcom ended in May 1995 after eight seasons following the Tanner family, united under one house to raise three girls after the death of the girls’ mother and their father’s, Danny Tanner’s, wife, Pam. As one of the most beloved American sitcoms of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, audiences were brought to tears as the show came to a close.

Some people have been brought to tears again as news of a possible reunion spreads. The rumor is that John Stamos — who played Uncle Jesse Katsopolis on the show — is leading a movement to reunite most of the cast members in a reunion series with new episodes and plots.

This brings many questions to audience members and fans of the earlier series: Who is coming back? Which Olsen twin would play Michelle? Would it be as great and emotional as it used to be?

“Full House” episodes were known for confronting real-life family issues with both heart and light humor. Whether it was Kimmy busting in on Danny in the kitchen, or Uncle Jesse and his wife Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) dealing with their twins, the show almost always brought a smile to viewers’ faces. How will they keep that going?

In the last episode, we saw D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) heading off to her prom with her best friend Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) tagging along in an electric, flashy dress complete with battery pack. Is the show planning to catch us up on D.J.’s life between then and now? Cameron-Bure is in her late 30s now.

Viewers watched D.J. grow up. We want to know what has happened to her through college and other pivotal times in a young girl’s life. I’m curious to see if the show would attempt to cover any of that time or just jump into her being married with kids somewhere and expect viewers to put it together.

Rumors of a reunion also bring up questions about the Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took turns with the role of Michelle Tanner, as the director and parents were worried about over-working the girls when they were little. They were barely more than a year old when they started the show. Since the show ended, the girls have had other acting roles and started their own fashion lines.

Bob Saget, who played Danny on the show, has said that not all of the cast members would come back. Does this mean Michelle would somehow be kept out of the scripts? Neither of the Olsen twins have been in any of the recent shots of the cast reuniting even though the other main cast members are all included.

“Full House” would not be the same without Michelle and her witty, adorable sense of humor, but would that be the same coming from a young adult version anyway?

As for now, the show coming back on air is just a rumor. However, with the response of the Internet, reports in news outlets and the commitment of a few of the main actors, it’s a real possibility we could be seeing a return sometime soon.