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OSU student pleads not guilty after running onto Ohio Stadium field


Ohio Stadium event staff escort away a fan attempting to rush onto the field during a game against Cincinnati on Sept. 27. OSU won, 50-28. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editor

The attorney for the Ohio State student who ran onto the Ohio Stadium field during Saturday’s football game pleaded not guilty to criminal trespassing on behalf of his client.

The Franklin County Municipal Court website states Anthony James Wunder’s attorney, Mark Collins, entered a not guilty plea Tuesday morning in court.

Collins and Wunder did not return The Lantern’s request for comment Tuesday afternoon.

The charges were in response to Wunder running onto the field in the middle of a second-quarter play against Cincinnati. He was tackled near the 50-yard line by assistant strength and conditioning coach and former OSU linebacker Anthony Schlegel. Schlegel, with the help of event staff, then dragged Wunder off the field.

Videos capturing Wunder’s antic have since gone viral.

OSU football coach Urban Meyer said Monday that he and Schlegel have since discussed the situation.

“We had a partial serious conversation,” Meyer said. “We also gave him a Hit City award, our team, and had a little fun with it, too.”

Though he said he hadn’t seen the video, Meyer said the team took the incident lightly.

“We had a lot of fun in here with that,” he said. “They love Schlegel, as we all do. I do. He’s an incredible person.”

Wunder was taken to the Franklin County Jail that night and later posted bond.

He is a 21-year-old mechanical engineering student at OSU, according to an OSU directory search.


  1. I hope I get called to serve on that one. Not guilty? How does that even make sense? Kid’s family must have some bucks. Normal people would admit to the crime, pay the fine, and transfer to another school after the semester was over. Not this over-privileged moron. “Mommy, the mean football coach hurt me when I ran on the field during the game. I was just having some fun! I’m not guilty mommy.”

  2. Thankfully this tard didn’t yell ‘jihad’ suddenly disappear in a deafening blast, a fine red mist and a hail of shrapnel. Good job coach! Stupid should be painful. Very painful. And I pray it was and will be.

    You cry babies whining about excessive force should read the back of you next admission ticket and consider the REAL world and praise the coach who unknowingly could have been blown to bits.

    And hopefully rump-wipe pays a harsh price and reconsiders his beverage selection at his next tailgate. Sheesh.

  3. usg will have a task force to look at football game student safety.

  4. Should be a “former OSU student”. That’s what the outcome would have been in my day!

  5. Putting in a plea of ‘Not Guilty’ is pretty standard this soon after an arrest. This stunt, although in front of a large audience, does not seem to be very serious in the eyes of the Franklin County justice system. He seems to have no priors, so he will probably get off with some type of community service considering he only delayed an intercollegiate athletic event for a few seconds.

    In my opinion, Ohio State should be worried as to if this kid develops “soft tissue damage” or any other kind of back ailment as a result of this incident. It’s all fun and games what Mr. Schlegel did, but he stepped way outside of his job responsibilities as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach by doing this.

  6. You are kidding right?

    You my friend sound like an ambulance chasing attorney. What Mr. Schlegel did was protect his players from a possible assailant. Or haven’t you seen the video of Monica Seles being stabbed by “fan” running on the field?

  7. Is that a urinary catheter bag or a booze smuggling device? If the former, was it for a medical condition or just too buzzed to wanna go whiz. Didn’t seem to be there before he got tackled (owned). May add to the understanding of his level of inebriation — not that it’s in doubt. Just curious.

  8. Alumni - class of 86'

    Mr. Schlegel was the first to act while everyone else was standing around saying HUH? … WHAT? …
    He showed NO FEAR!
    So it turns out to be just a dump college kid pulling a prank. Be thankful that’s all it was. Now people whine excessive force?!

    WHAT IF … ?
    What if this kid had a bomb strapped to his body?
    What if he had blown up himself and Mr. Schlegel?
    Would anyone be whining about excessive force? I think not.

    Going in Mr Schlegel had no idea how it would turn out, but he went in anyways without hesitation. That’s heroic! Mr. Schlegel showed courage in the face of an unknown enemy!

    I’m just joe public with an opinion. It may not seem like much, but in my circle of friends, the highest honor we give one another is the ‘AT-A-BOY’!

    AT-A-BOY! Mr. Schlegel


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