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Review: ‘FIFA 15’ proves to be a finesse play

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EA Sports hits all the small things in the latest edition of its top-selling soccer simulation, and the beautiful game is captured through an unprecedented amount of realism in “FIFA 15.”

Console users get to enjoy vastly improved graphics through the stunning next-generation visuals. Corner flags bend, uniforms get dirty and the pitch wears down with boot marks throughout the course of the match.

“FIFA 15” brings soccer to life for fans and actual players in the game. Players react to bad passes and missed chances, but encourage teammates for shots on target.

Electronic Arts put much of its focus on emotional intelligence. With more than 600 new emotions, the intensity of the game can change substantially at any point in the match.

Players celebrate last-minute game winners together through the new 10-man goal celebrations. The bench and the crowd get involved as well, singing specific chants distinguished by their club team.

Also, stadiums are alive and authentic. The game includes fully-licensed stadiums for all 20 teams in the ever-popular Premier League.

Layers of realism come out in the gameplay as well. Player control affects the momentum of player movement and gives players more personality on the ball. Athletes turn faster and more precisely, and defenders make smarter decisions by containing the attacker and going in for the tackle at the right time.

“FIFA 15” allows players to be the receiver when taking throw-ins, free kicks and corner kicks. This gives players a better chance to get open and make runs down the line or toward the net.

The game gives individuals the ability to make their own decisions in key situations.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is much improved, especially for goalkeepers. More than 50 new animations make saves look more natural and give goalies an important feel to the game.

The new features enhance the quality of play in the game modes.

The fan favorite “ultimate team,” where players can build custom teams to play on offline, has some useful additions, including “concept squads,” which lets you plan future trades, and online “friendly seasons,” where you can challenge friends to an entire season of matches. Also, one has easier access to obtaining superstar players by signing them to their club on loan.

Career Mode isn’t the only place to manage teams and create customized tactics anymore. One has the ability to create Team Sheets, where users can lay out their desired squad and formation for each team and bring it with them online.

“FIFA 15” allows the gamer to become somewhat of a player-manager Players who want to be like Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho can adjust their tactics to play conservatively or go all-out in attack if an equalizer is needed.

The additional layers of realism in “FIFA 15” are brilliant. Just as in real life, Barcelona’s Luis Suarez is suspended until Oct. 27 when you start a season in Career Mode.

It’s all about the little details. For the first time ever, “FIFA 15” has introduced goal-line technology.

The only thing that’s missing is vanishing spray for the referees.


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