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South Campus Gateway to reinstate football tailgate in anticipation of World of Beer

With the Ohio State football team coming off of its bye week, tailgates are springing back up for football fans to attend before the game. South Campus Gateway is joining in on the action by welcoming newcomer World of Beer with its first tailgate in years.

“We’ve done (tailgates) in the past, but it’s been years since we’ve done it really right,” said Wolf Starr, director of business development at the Gateway Film Center.

Starr said the tailgate will boast a large professional stage, a large screen and a larger beerpermit than tailgates of the past.

The tailgate will also be promoting the new Gateway location for World of Beer, set to open in March 2015.

“They are known for doing events with great bands that bring a lot of people out at their other locations, like in the Brewery District, and so we wanted to take the energy which they’ve grown and put it right inside of their new home,” Starr said.

Starr and Darren Greene, co-owner of World of Beer, worked together to bring the event to life.

“We’re excited about coming and being there and think it’s going to be a great location for us,” Greene said. “If we could, we’d love to open the doors tomorrow.”

The tailgate will include live music, T-shirt and movie ticket giveaways and a free raffle with prizes from participating businesses. A special section will be reserved for Ohio State students.

Local bands the Winnie Cooper Project and Colin Gawel and The Lonely Bones will provide the live music for the event.

For students without tickets to Saturday’s game, a jumbo screen at the tailgate will broadcast the game with smaller screens available throughout the Gateway alley, Starr said.

World of Beer’s presence at the tailgate will be a beer truck that will be serving five different types of beer, including three craft beers and two macro-brews.

“We’ll have banners up that will outline where our space is going to be so people will be able to see where we’re coming,” Greene said.

Two food trucks — Tatohead’s and Slamwich Brothers — will offer alternative food choices at the tailgate, Greene said.

Johnny DiLoretto, director of operations at Gateway Film Center, said he believes World of Beer will be an exciting edition to the South Campus Gateway.

“We’re really excited here at the Gateway Film Center that World of Beer is coming into the alley here,” DiLoretto said. “This tailgating party, I look at it as a big celebration.”

Students attending the event will need to carry a valid driver’s license in order to buy alcohol. Wristbands will be provided so that students won’t be carded each time they buy an alcoholic beverage.

“It’s an all-ages event, so you don’t need to be 21 to come to the event,” Starr said. “We will also have water and soda.”

For safety purposes, the tailgate will have security presence to ensure the tailgate is a fun and safe place for people to spend their evening.

Starr said South Campus Gateway plans to host tailgates for home games starting next year if the tailgate goes well.

“(World of Beer) will definitely do something next year after we’re already opened in the alleyway,” Greene said. “The alleyway is going to transform into a beer garden, if you will. So we want to be able to use that beer garden and do events out there. Tailgates will be one of those.”

After-parties will also be held during the tailgate at the other businesses at the Gateway. DiLoretto said The Torpedo Room at the Gateway Film Center will be one of the after-party destinations.

The Oxley Tavern and Grillery, Mad Mex and Ugly Tuna are all set to host after parties during the tailgate.

The other Gateway venues will also be offering specials for the tailgate.

“We think the South Campus Gateway is a great place to come spend your pre-game,” Greene said. “It’s a fun place to be, safe place to be and it’s an easy walk to the stadium.”

The tailgate is set for noon Saturday, with the live music performances set to begin at 1 p.m.

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