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Timeline of Jonathan Waters’ Firing


  1. On Sept 26, one day before the lawsuit was announced, I sent the following letter to Betty Montgomery who the University hand picked to conduct an investigation of the Band “culture”. Here is the content of the letter: “I have spent some time looking into the way the firing of Band Director Jon Waters was handled. Many things are disturbing to me but the most egregious is the refusal by the University President, Board Chairman and President of the OSUAA to allow any discussion of this matter. Alumni are not permitted to talk about this in chapter meetings. The concerns expressed by band members and their families have been completely ignored. And, actions by band alumni that show support for Director Waters have been met with reprimands. The infallibility attitude is the most serious cultural problem I see with The Ohio State University. Stonewalling and harassment of those who raise objections have no place at an institution of higher learning. When there is an opposing point of view, it should be heard. I hope you will take the concerns I have expressed into consideration when you make recommendations about the “culture” at OSU. Open and transparent administrations are necessary to prevent unjust actions. A closed door policy leads to the animosities we are seeing now and the damage is permanent.”

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