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Upcoming gourmet hot dog joint to cater to those with daring palate

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DareDevil Dogs is banking on its customers’ sense of adventure when it comes to its new spin on the hot dog.

“We’re stepping outside the box,” Ohio State alumnus and DareDevil Dogs co-owner Tomos Mughan said. “We’re trying to be daring with an American staple.”

The upcoming DareDevil Dogs gourmet hot dog joint is scheduled to open its first location at 1437 N. High St. in November, formerly home to Commonwealth Sandwich Bar, which closed last November. It’s set to offer customers specialty dogs as well as a “build your own” option, co-owner Bill Garland said.

Vegan and vegetarian protein substitutions will be offered as well, Mughan said.

As for prices, a standard hot dog without extra toppings will cost $3.50 to $4. All sides will be priced under $5.

“We want to be able to serve people on a budget, but we also want to be able to satisfy people who want a more artisan, gourmet meal,” Mughan said.

Mughan explained the co-owners’ shared passion for growing the local economy and making every effort to use only local meat and produce.

“We use local anything and everything whenever possible,” he said. “We make everything in-house, from the pickles our sandwiches to the ice cream in our milkshakes; we really believe in the local economy.”

Though the restaurant is scheduled to open mid-November, but an exact date is still in the works, Garland said.

“So much of (opening a restaurant) is out of our control,” Garland said. “I’ve worked in enough restaurants to know nothing goes to plan.”

It will be a fast, casual restaurant similar to the Northstar Café, Mughan said.

“You order at the counter, grab a number, sit down and your food is dropped off to you,” he said.

DareDevil Dogs will share a service window and patio with neighboring bar Village Idiot, Mughan said. Additionally, customers will be able to order a hot dog and sit inside or outside on the shared patio.

The business relationship between Village Idiot and DareDevil Dogs will likely benefit both parties, Mughan said. When Commonwealth Sandwich Bar left last fall, Village Idiot’s sales were directly affected, he said.

“Columbus is a hotbed for local restaurants,” Mughan said. “Not only do we love this industry, but we love this town.”

Ensuring guests have the best experience is co-owner and chef Mike Gadd’s goal, Mughan said.

OSU student Kristin Miculka, a fourth-year in communication, said she’s excited about the opening of DareDevil Dogs.

“It’ll be nice to have a restaurant nearby with vegetarian options,” she said.

Mughan said he hopes the customers will be daring with their food options when coming to the restaurant.

“We want the public to step outside their box and try something off the beaten path,” Mughan said.


  1. Nothing beats the old $1 gyro.

  2. Excited for more vegan options for when I visit Columbus!

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