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Buckeye News Now: Deadly Ebola virus hits close to home

This week’s Buckeye News Now features a story on how Ohio State plans to combat Ebola. North Campus businesses also speak out on how the construction is affecting their sales and traffic. The episode also features a peek into recent developments in a proposed mandatory drug testing law for college athletes in Ohio, as well as your weekly weather forecast and football update.


  1. Wow that’s some incredibly shameless clickbaiting. “Buckeye News Now: Deadly Ebola virus hits close to home”

  2. Remember the CDC told us you can’t AIDS from a mesquito.Yeah Right!! Now they want you to believe the only way you get E Bola is to wallow around in the slime on infected people. Bull____! An infectious disease is just that,it infects everyone who had contact. Contact means, if your in the room with them your probably going to get it!! We need to close our borders tightly like the surrounding countrys that border Liberia!!! If your dumb enough to believe our Government will save us you’ll probably be the next case reported!! Also if you go to Africa don’t expect to get back in my USofA!! I think we have enough to worry about so,Stay your _ss in your own cesspool!!

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